GolfBuddy Platinum GPS will help lower your score

The weather’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer which means it’s time to dust off the golf clubs. And it’s also time to consider a golf GPS system.

GolfBuddy’s latest product is the Platinum – a GPS and range finder that is like having your own personal caddy.

The device has a 3-inch colour TFT touchscreen and is slightly smaller than a mobile phone.

On board are more than 40,000 courses preloaded on the included microSD card.

No matter where you take your clubs anywhere in the world, the GolfBuddy Platinum will find your course.

Using 50-channel reception, the device provides accurate GPS positioning so players will know exactly how far it is to the green, to the hole and how far you hit your last shot.

Included with the Golf Buddy Platinum is a swivel holster that can sit on your bag or on your belt if it doesn’t hamper your swing.

The device is easy to operate through the touchscreen. In fact there are no buttons on the front of the GolfBuddy Platinum.

The last thing players want during a round is a complicated device that will distract them from their game. That would defeat the purpose of having a device in the first place.

Thankfully the GolfBuddy Platinum is a breeze to operate with information literally at your fingertips.

On the course players are able to find out exactly how far it is to the pin or the front and back of the green.

The pin placement on the green can be changed on the device to match the pin placement for that day’s play simply by pressing and dragging the flag to the right position.

And no matter what angle your approach, the GolfBuddy Platinum has you covered thanks to a feature called Dynamic Green Rotation.

Getting the yardage right and choosing the right club is half the battle for any golfer and this device helps nail it whether it’s the distance to the hole, to a hazard or to a point on the fairway where you want lay up your next shot.

The Platinum also lets you keep track of the distances you hit with each club.

Now all of those features on their own would be impressive but the GolfBuddy Platinum takes it even further with a scoring system and statistic analysis module.

A user can keep track of up to four players scores at once but for their own game they can easily keep note of where their drives and shots went (left, right or straight) and keep track of the number of putts they’ve had.

The device can take this information and provide a detailed analysis to highlight the areas of your game that need improvement.

One of our favourite features was the ability to preview the course you’re playing even before you get there.

Simply enter the name of the club in the search window and you can find the course and study each hole to get a feel for it even before you set foot on the tee.

The GolfBuddy Platinum is shock and water resistant so it can handle the knocks and all sorts of weather conditions.

The battery aboard the device will last for more than 18 hours which is about four rounds before you need to look for the charger.

The GolfBuddy Platinum is like having a world-class caddy by your side with accurate, helpful information and features that will help you improve your game. On the golf course you can’t ask for more than that.

Priced at $449, the device isn’t cheap but the fact it can be used around the world with absolutely no on-going fees, subscriptions or downloads means it will pay itself off by helping you lower your scores.

GolfBuddy Platinum

Price: $449

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