Garmin introduces smart swimming watch

We’ve seen plenty of watches for runners but now Garmin has come up with a new smart watch especially designed for swimmers.

The Garmin Swim Watch can provide detailed information about your swim like stroke count, stroke type, distance, pace, laps and more.

On the design side the product is slim and looks good enough to wear as your everyday watch.

The only set-up required by the user is entering the length of the pool.

With the Garmin Swim Watch, swimmers can concentrate on their stroke instead of the clock or working out what lap they’re on.

The device can also be used to log drills or for timed sets without having to keep one eye on the poolside clock.

Garmin’s Swim Watch can also work out your SWOLF – a measure of the time and strokes it takes to swim the length of the pool.

The lower the SWOLF – the more efficient a swimmer you are.

Swimmers can easily keep track of their training goals and display your weekly accumulated distance to keep you motivated.

And once you’re done with your swimming it’s easy to wirelessly upload your data to your Mac or PC with an included USB receiver and then to Garmin Connect for free online analysis.

Here users can keep track of their swims and their totals and also share that information with friends, family and coaches.

The device has all the functionality of a normal sports watch and includes dual time zones and an alarm.

Garmin Swim Watch is available this month and will be priced at $169.

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