Fuji Xerox unveils new range of economical laser printers

Fuji Xerox Printers has launched a new range of mono laser printers to suit home office users and small to medium businesses that offer speed and low running costs.

There are four new printers in the line-up – the DocuPrint P355 d, the DocuPrint M355 df, the DocuPrint P255 w and the Docuprint M255 z.

Each offers superior print quality, lower cost of ownership as well as a number of environmentally-friendly features.

 And the new Fuji Xerox devices are more affordable than ever before and are ideal for any small business that aims to increase its productivity while minimising operating costs.

“Technology is more affordable than ever before and demand for monochrome printers continues to grow,” says David Borg, general manager, Fuji Xerox Printers Australia and New Zealand.

“Business and home users are now enjoying devices with increased functionality at reduced costs and these new printers offer one of the lowest cost per page in their class.”

DocuPrint P355 d and M355 df

The Fuji Xerox single function P355 d and multi-function M355 df have been designed for small or medium businesses in mind.

They have speeds of up to 35 pages per minute with the first page output within six seconds of clicking the print button. Printing resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch).

Each of these new devices have standard 250 page paper capacity with the ability to handle cards, thicker stock, envelopes and labels.

Also on board is a 533Mhz processor and 256MB memory for faster and crisper documents.

The DocuPrint P355 d and DocuPrint M355 df each have an Gigabit Ethernet connection so they can be visible on your network and also accessible by other computers on that same network.

The M355 df multi-function adds copy, scan and fax to its printing abilities so small business can save time and space with one cost effective device.

And using toner the cost can be as little as two cents per page compared with up to 50 cents a page for inkjet printers.

This high yield of 10,000 pages from a single toner cartridge means lower cost of ownership and fewer stops without the constant need to change cartridges.

Docuprint P255 dw and M255 z

Fuji Xerox’s single function P255 dw and multi-function M255 z offers a solution for a small home office or a household where numerous users need to access a single printer.

These printers can pump out up to 30 pages per minute and also delivers 1200 x 1200 dpi printing.

But these models, which are likely to be used at home or in a small office with a wireless network, also come with wi-fi connectivity built-in.

This means several computers on the network can print wirelessly from their computers and laptops to the devices.

And smartphone and tablet users haven’t been forgotten with the dedicated Fuji Xerox app allowing users to print directly from these devices.

The multi-function M255 df printer includes the ability to copy, scan and fax and also has OCR (optical character recognition) to transform scanned documents into editable text.

On the environmental side the new Fuji Xerox range uses less energy to minimise environmental impact and operating costs.

Auto duplex printing on both sides of a single page means businesses can also cut their paper use in half.

The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P255 dw is available this month and will priced at $249. The DocuPrint M255 z will be priced at $499 when it comes to market in August.

The DocuPrint P355 d and M355 df are priced at $499 and $749 respectively and will also be available in August.

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