Duex Max review – it turns your laptop into a dual monitor set-up


The Deux Max is an impressive addition to your laptop that can also double your screen real estate in impressive so you can stay productive no matter where you are.

There are times when we just need extra screen space when we’re using laptop. One solution is the Duex Max which can turn any laptop into a dual-screen set-up.
Created by Mobile Pixels, the Duex Max attaches to the lid of your laptop and can slide out and provide an extra 14.1 inches of screen real estate.

The Duex Max is ideal for a busy mobile professional but it would also suit a user who has set up a home office to work remotely.

The display on the Duex Max is full high definition and offer 300 nits of maximum brightness.

This will address the issue for users on the move who need more room to move to complete their professional or creative work.

For our review, we attached the Duex Max to a 14-inch MacBook Pro. It works with both Windows and Mac laptops.

The first thing you need to do is attach the unit to your laptop.

The device comes with a template that you centre on the lid of your laptop.

It shows you where you need to position the four circular adhesive magnets that will then hold the display strongly in place.

Duex Max is about the same thickness of our MacBook Pro and weighs 600g.

This includes the mechanism that allows the actual screen to slide out and line up beside your laptop’s display.

You can also adjust the angle and have it facing towards you.

The screen connects via USB to your laptop with the included cable offering a USB-C to USB 3.0/USB-C with cable adaptor so it can fit any laptop model.

And the cable is long enough to reach any of your available USB ports so you can then decide if you prefer the screen to slide out to the left of your laptop screen or the right.

Users have to download a driver – there’s one for Mac and one for Windows – so the Duex Max will be recognised as a second display.

Once installed you just to connect the cable and slide the screen out to see it come alive and extend your desktop.

Users can move their mouse between the screens and open applications on the Duex Max’s 14.1-inch display.

Duex Max offers optimal brightness but also has eye comfort in mind and minimises blue light emissions so you can work and read for hours without eye fatigue.

In terms of screen quality – the Duex Max lacked the resolution and colour accuracy of the MacBook’s excellent Retina Display.

This might be a deal breaker for an editor who requires absolute colour accuracy and greater clarity to complete their tasks.

But for users simply requiring more space, the Duex Max does an admirable job.

When you decide you don’t need the Duex Max it can be easily removed, leaving just the four circular magnets on your lid. These little magnets can also be easily removed from your laptop without leaving any marks behind.

There are other solutions available to extend your laptop but these involve carrying a thin display separately on its own stand and connected by a single cable.

Duex Max doesn’t require a stand because it’s attached to your laptop lid.

Having the Duex Max with our 14-inch Mac Book Pro felt like we were carrying two laptops around thanks to the added thickness when attached to the lid. But it still fit inside our backpack’s laptop section.

Our review unit was grey and it matched our MacBook Pro almost perfectly. But the other option for Australian customers is navy blue.

The Duex Max 14.1-inch is available now and is priced at $599.

Available at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Amazon, Mwave & Rosman Computers. All versions are available in Grey & Navy.


The Deux Max is an impressive addition to your laptop that can also double your screen real estate in impressive so you can stay productive no matter where you are.