We take a look at the new features unlocked for AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) with iOS 17

Apple’s AirPods Pro (second generation) just got even better with the introduction of a range of new features that have been enabled by iOS 17.

These new features include Adaptive Audio, Conversation Awareness and Personalised Volume.

Since the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro announcement about the inclusion of USB-C, Apple has also released an updated AirPods Pro (second generation) earphones with a MagSafe Charging Case with USB-C.

Tech Guide has been using these new AirPods Pro (second generation) for a few days paired with an iPhone running the iOS 17 beta.

We understand the official version of iOS 17 will be out this week so users can enjoy these new AirPods Pro (second generation) features whether they own the current model or the brand new AirPods Pro that come with the new MagSafe charging case with USB-C.

If you already own the AirPods Pro (second generation) which came with the Lightning charging case, you can still enjoy these new features that come with iOS 17.

The earphones included with the USB-C charging case themselves are identical to the earphones included with the previous lightning case.

That means this review is as much about the AirPods Pro (second generation) with the MagSafe charging case with USB-C as it is about the new features which iOS 17 has made possible.

The Lighting AirPods case (top) and the USB-C case

Adaptive Audio is a combination between active noise cancellation and transparency mode which can adjust the level of noise cancellation based on the noise around you.

This feature is powered by the H2 Apple silicon aboard the AirPods Pro (second generation) which can adjust the listening experiences as your environment changes.

The good thing about it is that is intelligent enough to be able to tell what sound to suppress and which to enhance.

For example, if you are cooking and using all your appliances, the adaptive audio feature will suppress the annoying blender sound while still letting you still hear when the doorbell rings.

It’s this same intelligence that’s applied throughout your day whether you are alone in a park, in the centre of a large busy restaurant or on your commute.

Another new feature is Conversation Awareness which basically means the AirPods Pro (second generation) with lower your media’s volume as soon as it hears you speaking.

And not only that, it will enhance the voices of the people in front of you and reduce background noise at the same time.

During our review we ran into a friend while listening to your AirPods Pro (second generation).

When we said hello the music lowered and our friend’s voice was enhanced so we could hear extremely clearly even without taking the AirPods Pro (second generation) out of our ears.

We also noticed the background noise had been turned down a few notches to make the conversation even clearer and easier to hear.

And then when we said goodbye, our media automatically returned to its original listening mode and volume.

Personalised Volume can take control of fine tuning your media experience by learning your listening preferences overtime and matching that with the conditions of your environment.

All of these new features or in addition to the outstanding active noise cancellation, remarkable transparency mode and the personalised spatial audio which changes the way you listen to your music.

The AirPods Pro (second generation) H2 chip also enables another feature – lossless audio with ultra-low latency.

And it can be used as a wireless audio solution with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset.

The H2 chip in Apple’s Vision Pro will unlock 20-bit 48kHz lossless audio with a huge reduction in wireless audio latency.

This means AirPods Pro (second generation) will be a perfect companion for the Apple Vision Pro when it’s released next year.

Battery life listening with ANC is up to six hours and up 30 hours of listening with the case.


The already excellent AirPods Pro (second generation) just got even better with a number of new enhancements that will not only deliver stunning audio but also make the earphones to fit in with your life.