Skullcandy Dime wireless earphones review – they’re cheap but don’t sound cheap


The Skullcandy Dime earphones are one of the best value wire-free earphones you can buy – and even though they are cheap, they don’t sound cheap.

Hey brother, can you lend me a Dime? That’s the name of the new super affordable Skullcandy wire-free earphones that offer an impressive sound and come with a tiny charging case and a tiny price.

Priced at just $69.95, the Skullcandy Dime earphones offer plenty of bang for your buck.

Skullcandy has produced some impressive headphones and earphones and its latest product – the Dime earphones – continue the tradition of providing quality and value.

The earphones themselves are small and light and comfortable to wear.

They have a short stalk that sits outside your ear but they are still quite discreet.

On that short stalk of either earphone is a touch control that allows you to pause and play your music.

The Skullcandy Dime earphones offer Skullcandy’s signature Supreme Sound.

We were impressed with the quality we heard from the Dime earphones which included nice detail and decent bass as well.

Bottom line – they didn’t sound like cheap earphones despite being priced at less than $70.

They punch well and truly above their weight.

Now don’t think these are going to sound better than the Bose, Sony and Bowers & Wilkins noise cancelling headphones – they are in a class of their own – but the Skullcandy Dime can still well and truly hold their own in the budget segment.

There is a microphone onboard so you can take your calls as well but the quality here was good not great.

There is also no active noise cancellation but some slight passive noise cancellation comes from the seal of the silicon tips in your ears.

If you really need to hear your surroundings you can always wear just one earbud and still be able hear your content and take your calls.

The Skullcandy Dime earphones have an IPX4 rating which means they are water resistant so they can handle sweat in the gym or while exercising or if you’re caught in the rain.

And if you lose the earphones or damage them in any way, Skullcandy will replace them at a discount.

You get about 3.5 hours out of the Skullcandy Dime earphones on a single charge but the charging case – which is tiny – provides an additional 8.5 hours of charge as well.

The charging case of the Skullcandy Dime earphones is tiny. One of the smallest we’ve ever seen. It’s smaller than the keys that can lock and unlock your car.

The case also has a short lanyard so they can connected to a key ring or clipped to a longer lanyard.

The Skullcandy Dime wire-free earphones are ideal for anyone who wants decent quality at an affordable price.

Parents with kids who are pestering them for a pair or wire-free earphones but don’t want to spend hundreds the Skullcandy Dime earphones are ideal.

The Skullcandy Dime earphones are available now and are priced at $69.95.


The Skullcandy Dime earphones are one of the best value wire-free earphones you can buy – and even though they are cheap, they don’t sound cheap.