Laser WFQ10 wireless speaker review – impressive sound at an affordable price

Wireless multiroom speakers are pretty common nowadays but they tend to be on the expensive side. Laser has broken through the pack with an affordable solution to hear your music anywhere in your home.

Laser’s WFQ10 wireless speaker is only about 24cm wide and about 12cm long so it has a fairly small footprint.

Available in black and white, the Laser speaker has a simple oval shape and clean design and would look right at home in any room of the house.

The speaker connects easily to your home network and it can be configured through the Qualcomm AllPlay app which is available on iOS and Android.

Once connected, the user can name the speaker. For example, you might name the Laser WFQ10 speaker based on where it’s located like “Kitchen” or “Bedroom”.

From the app you can see your speaker or speakers on your network and when you select a speaker you can choose to stream music from your device, music from a device located on your network like a computer or connected hard drive or from a music service like Spotify or Rhapsody.

You can also group speakers together or play different songs on each speaker and even set each speaker at different volumes.

Of course, controlling your playback is simple through the app – you can also adjust the volume either on the app or with the physical controls on top of the speaker.

The Qualcomm AllPlay app is a smart media platform that can also control other brand speakers and actually have them working together on the same network.

There’s also AllPlay radio – a separate app that connects the Laser WFQ10 wireless speaker to thousands of radio stations around the world and groups them according to genre, location or era.

Within the app you can even see the name of the song playing at that particular moment to make your decision to start listening even easier.

On the audio side, the Laser offers impressive quality with good high and mid levels. The bass level lets it down a little but it’s not a deal breaker – the music still sounds good.

It lacks the ultra-high clarity and volume that you might find with a far more expensive speaker but it still holds it own in terms of value and versatility.

Connectivity-wise, the Laser WFQ10 offers plenty of flexibility to hear your music from your device or your favourite music services.

It doesn’t have Bluetooth so you can’t pair one to one between device and speaker but wi-fi offers a wider range and also higher lossless audio up to 192Khz/24bit.

We found the speakers took a while – up to a minute – to be recognised on the network when you come back and fire the app to listen to them again.

There was even a couple of times when we were listening to the AllPlay Radio app when we received a notification that it couldn’t find the speaker on the network despite the fact the music was still playing through it.

That aside, the Laser WFQ10 speakers worked fine and provided great background music whenever we needed it.


The Laser WFQ10 speaker is an impressive speaker that can provide wireless multiroom audio at an affordable price. If you’re looking for real value and plenty of bang for your buck, the Laser WFQ10 speaker is definitely worth a try.

Laser WFQ10 wireless speaker

Price: $179.95








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