Why Samsung is taking a “better safe than sorry” approach to the Note7 recall

Samsung Australia says its recall of the recently released Galaxy Note7 in response to isolated battery cell issues, is “proactive” and “voluntary”.

“The safety and ongoing satisfaction of our customers is our top priority,” said Richard Fink, Vice President IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“We know our Galaxy Note7 customers are our most loyal customers and we are taking a proactive approach to support them.”

Samsung revealed it is voluntarily recalling the 51,060 Galaxy Note7 smartphones sold in Australia.

In a statement released last night, Samsung says customers who want a refund can act right now and return to the device at the place of purchase.

Customers who want to replace their Note7 can return their device and, from tomorrow (Wednesday, September 7), they will be given a courtesy device to use until a replacement Galaxy Note7 arrives within the next three or four weeks.

Customers can visit the place of purchase to work out the best solution for themselves or call Samsung Customer Service 24/7 on 1300 362 603.

For customers who received a 256GB microSD card because they preordered the device will be able to hang on to the even if they return the Note7 or get a refund.

Customers who receive a replacement Note7 will receive a full two-year warranty which will begin when they take possession of the new device.

Customers can find out more at Samsung’s information page.

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