Vodafone reduces the pricing on its NBN unlimited data plans

Vodafone today slashed the pricing on its NBN plans with up to $25 reductions to make it even more competitive and a tempting choice for customers looking to connect their home to faster internet.

Vodafone launched its NBN services earlier this year with all its plans coming with unlimited data so there’s no end to the amount of streaming you can do.

The Vodafone NBN plans are now priced at:

– $70 Basic NBN plan on NBN 12 becomes $60 ($10 off)

– $95 Essential+ NBN plan on NBN 50 becomes $70 ($25 off)

– $110 Premium NBN plan on NBN 100 becomes $95 ($15 off)

Part of Vodafone’s NBN service is Instant Connect thanks to the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub which can connect customers to its 4G mobile network while waiting for the NBN to be connected or repaired.

And if you’re already a Vodafone mobile customer you’ll receive a bonus mobile data each month to use with your smartphone, tablet or mobile broadband.

“We believe in offering people premium customer service and innovation at a competitive price. For us it’s about the total customer experience and not just getting people to sign up,” said Vodafone general manager of fixed, Matthew Lobb.

“As a new player, we have the flexibility to launch new offers, promotions and products that will give people switching to the NBN real value combined with peace of mind. That’s what we’ve done today.

“Since launching last year, we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who experience Vodafone’s customer-first approach to NBN.

“A great example of this is our 4G back-up that gives people reassurance that they’ll stay connected courtesy of our mobile network.

“We’re continuing to rollout to more locations this year and looking forward to giving more people across Australia the opportunity to experience Vodafone NBN.”

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