TCL’s 75-inch X925 Mini LED 8K Google TV offers stunning picture and sound quality

If you’re shopping for a new TV right now there’s a lot of new features to learn about including 8K resolution, mini-LED backlighting, HDR10+ and variable refresh rates – and one product where you will find all of these is the TCL 75-inch X925 Mini LED 8K Google TV.

The X925 is an 8K TV with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 – that’s four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD so you’ll see a whole new level of clarity.

And the TCL TV has got you covered not only on the picture quality side, it also sounds amazing as well thanks to the onboard Onkyo audio system which makes this one of the best sounding TVs on the market.

The bottom line is an all-round impressive home viewing experience on a large scale.

The 75-inch TV is one of the fastest growing sizes in the market and you’ll appreciate every inch of the TCL X925 Mini LED 8K Google TV.

The X925 uses quantum dot technology to produce optimal black levels and stunning colour.

But what makes the result even better is the introduction of Mini LED backlighting.

This has several advantages including creating even more dimming zones and thereby producing deeper black levels as well.

These microscopic backlights boost both contrast and brightness and the reproduction of colour is even more accurate.

The onboard Full Array precision backlight brightness control makes the illumination of the backlight more consistent and smoother across the entire width of the 75-inch panel.

The TCL X925 is also certified IMAX Enhanced which means it brings into your home cinema viewing standards.

High dynamic range (HDR10+) also contributes to the picture quality significantly by allowing blacker blacks and brighter whites and an expanded range of all the colours in between to make it even more immersive.
Also on board he’s Dolby Vision IQ which offers a new level of picture control so the TV can be optimised to your viewing environment.

Light sensors in the TV measure its surroundings and dynamically adjusts output for optimal picture quality.

Having 8K resolution at your fingertips, also gives customers peace of mind knowing they have well and truly future-proofed their purchase.

And while there’s not a lot of 8K content right now, there will be in the near future.

but it’s not hard to showcase the quality thanks to the upscaling capabilities for your existing content along with a growing number of 8K videos appearing on YouTube.

Another factor which offers smooth and clear images is the 200Hz clear motion rate which provides a high enough frame rate to reduce judder and motion blur when viewing sports and action movies and while playing games.

The result is a cleaner and smoother image that will look like real life.

Now to achieve all of this requires a serious amount of computing power and that’s exactly what you get with the TCL AiPQ engine which controls real-time processing, detecting your viewing environment and upscaling video and audio.

The TCL TV optimises the picture in real-time based on what you’re viewing so grass looks greener and oceans appear bluer thanks to the calculations of the AiPQ engine.

On the audio side, the processor can also examine output to eliminate distortion of signal to the speakers on board the TV, so you are presented with a premium experience at any volume.

Speaking of audio, the TCL X925 sounds amazing right out of the box.

Other brands try to up-sell customers with a sound bar to improve the experience but that’s not required with the TCL TV thanks to the onboard Onkyo audio system.

The speaker runs across the entire width of the TV just below screen so it’s like having a sound bar built in.

It can not only handle the sound of what you’re watching but also deliver clear dialogue as well through the two 15W mid-bass speakers and tweeters

There’s even a built-in 30W subwoofer to supply the powerful bass for those explosions, roaring crowds and action sequences.

It’s on the rear panel of the TV and definitely adds a punch to the sound.

Several sound modes are onboard including standard, movie, music, voice, game, dynamic and stadium so you can match it with whatever you are watching or playing.

TCL recognises the fact that gamers also want to enjoy superb picture quality through their next generation consoles.

The company has added variable refresh rate (VRR) up to 120Hz and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) so the game you’re playing not only looks amazing but also gives you a competitive edge.

The X925 also has HDMI 2.1 on board which is an ideal connection for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 to take you to the next level of gaming.

Also included is AMD FreeSync so your games look and play better than ever before.

The TCL X925 TV is running the Google TV platform which not only provides a stable an easy to navigate platform, but also puts a huge amount of content at your fingertips.

The platform also puts front and centre your favourite streaming apps including Netflix, Stan, Apple TV, Prime Video, Apple TV plus and YouTube.

In fact, there are several shortcuts on the remote control to these services.

Google TV can also make recommendations and help you find something to watch by scanning the content across all your viewing platforms so getting to the latest movies or TV shows is a breeze.

Google TV ambient mode also makes the TV useful even when you’re not watching it by displaying information like weather, sports scores, news and other useful information which it finds through Google Assistant.

The remote control is slim and light and easy to use with several shortcuts to your favourite streaming services and controls that allow you to easily navigate the menu systems and take you exactly where you need to be to enjoy your home viewing experience.

The TCL 75-inch X925 Mini LED 8K Google TV is available now and is priced at $5999

This editorial was supported by TCL.