Samsung’s Neo QLED technology explained and how it improves TV picture quality

For many people looking for a TV right now, the attitude is go big or go home. And the latest technology is making that a reality with higher quality than ever before, customers are getting a stunning home entertainment experience.

One of those technologies in the new Samsung range of big-screen TVs is Neo QLED.

Neo QLED is QLED on steroids.

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology is the foundation of QLED TV which is a new way for the screen to display dynamic and accurate colour. The backlight, of course, plays a big part in the picture quality.

And with Neo QLED – it changes the game.

Samsung has incorporated Neo QLED technology in its latest 4K and 8K TVs. So, what is it?

The main difference between QLED and Neo QLED is the backlighting. Samsung has changed it completely to a micro layer of microscopic LEDs that can focus the backlight more precisely than ever before.

Each mini-LED backlight is just 1/40th the size of the traditional button-size LED used on previous Samsung models.

That means Samsung can fit even more mini-LEDs onto the screen to provide more accurate and precise colour.

Another benefit is the creation of even more dimming zones – a feature that particularly enhances the quality and experience of larger screen TVs like 75-inch and 85-inch TVs.

By the way, 85-inch is one of the fastest growing size among customers buying new TVs.

Whether you love movies, sport or fancy yourself as a gamer, the large screens and Samsung’s Neo QLED technology is making that experience lifelike and exciting.

You can watch movies in the way the director intended, feel like you’re in the stand cheering on your team, and gaining the edge on your opponents with the next-generation console games.

The ability to control the backlight precisely and having many dimming zones also provides  deep black levels and the ability to create rich colour.

Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology Pro takes that light control to the next level so there is minimal picture blooming, incredible detail and deep black performance.

And for Samsung’s 8K TVs, there is a new Neo Quantum 8K processor which can provide an incredibly high level of detail.

Conventional LED (Left) and Mini LED

The Neo Quantum 8K processor includes 8K AI upscaling technology which is able to access data through intelligent deep learning algorithms to produce an 8K image from virtually any source.[1]

The added detail of Neo QLED and its mini-LED technology also provides Quantum HDR 64x which adds never-before-seen detail to the lighter and darker areas of the screen.

With the evolution of Samsung’s QLED technology and the addition of Mini-LED backlighting, Samsung has created a delightful combination that customers looking for a large screen will appreciate making that experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

Our appetite for larger screens is growing but this customer doesn’t want just a larger version of what they already had.

With a Samsung Neo QLED TV, the quality will now match the size. Go big or go home.

[1] Native 8K content availability is very limited. Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the quality and resolution of source content.

* This post was supported by Samsung

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