Samsung reveals pricing for its stunning 8K QLED TV range

Samsung has just announced the pricing of its premium 2020 QLED 8K television range – the Q950T and the Q800T – which will be  available in 85-inch, 82-inch, 75-inch and 65-inch.

The Samsung 8K TV range is available from today.

Pricing for the Q950T 65-inch is $9,999, 75-inch – $13,499 and 85-inch for $21,999.

The Samsung Q800T 8K TVs start at $6,399 for the 65-inch, $8,699 for the 75-inch and $11,649 for the 82-inch.

The Samsung Q950T 8K QLED TV

The TVs include not only the highest resolution available on a TV today but also the latest technology which delivers superior audio and video quality.

Samsung’s flagship QLED 8K TV range have raised the bar when I comes to design with an ultra-thin form factor.

The Q950T also includes the Infinity Screen which takes the picture right to the edge offering about 99 per cent screen to body ratio.

Adaptive Picture is a feature that can optimise the screen after taking into account the ambient conditions and the individual images.

Customers will also be able to enjoy more native content than ever before through providers like YouTube and from devices that can capture 8K video like Samsung’s very own Galaxy S20 smartphone.

Also onboard the Samsung 8K TVs is Object Tracking Sound and Active Voice Amplifier.

OTS takes advantage of the TVs multiple speakers around the edges of the screen and creates directional surround sound.

Active Voice Amplifier can also improve clarity of vocals and even single it out and increase the volume above the sound of the music and background noise.

And the TVs can also upscale your existing content to 8K quality thanks to its AI-enabled Quantum Processor 8K which has deep learning capabilities to examine the content and bring it up to 8K resolution whether you’re watching, movies, sport or TV shows.

The Samsung Q800T 8K QLED TV

“Last year, Samsung was the first brand to launch 8K TV in Australia. We continue to pioneer the premium TV category with further breakthroughs that are delivered in the next generation in 8K QLED TVs,” says Hass Mahdi, Director of AV, Samsung Australia.

“The Q950T QLED 8K is the marquee television in Samsung’s 2020 range and is the ultimate in our big-screen innovation and design. It delivers content that seems breathtakingly real.

“It feels like you could step right into it. This picture quality is impeccable and is presented in a stunning and sleek design.

“Our latest QLED 8K range is designed with an Infinity Screen which provides a fresh, new take on TV form factor that is sure to impress those seeking the very best that Samsung has to offer.”


85-inch – $21,999

75-inch – $13,499

65-inch – $9,999


82-inch – $11,649

75-inch – $8,699

65-inch – $6,399

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