Life’s still Good for LG as it launches all-new campaign of rediscovery

LG Electronics Australia has launched an all-new campaign – Rediscover Good – to remind customers, despite the events of the last 18 months including bushfires, floods and COVID-19, of the good in their life.

It is LG’s first local brand campaign in more than a decade and more than 21 years after the company’s globally recognised “Life’s Good” slogan was coined.

LG’s says Life and Good have different meanings today than when they were first used at the turn of the century.

And the past 18 months has also presented its challenges which is why the company made the decision to rethink how they relate to customers.

“Rediscover Good” is aimed at demonstrating how LG’s technology can enhance people’s daily lives and remind and inspire them to rediscover the good in their lives.

LG is best known for its TV range, including the stunning OLED models, along with its soundbars, earphones, speakers, appliances, computer monitors, air conditioners and solar products.

Over the past year the pandemic has changed the way Australian families live, and this in turn has changed their relationship with the home,” said Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia.

“At the same time, more consumers than ever before were interacting with LG Electronics products at home.

“Our products are loved once owned but overtime our brand has become more functional and has lacked a unique local identity.

“We wanted to find a way to connect more authentically with Australian consumers. Creating a holistic campaign that depicted real Australian homes and people demonstrating how they use LG products across the brand in real-life scenarios was the simple answer.

“Of course, ‘Life’s Good’ is still very much at the core of our identity at LG Electronics Australia, this program makes it significantly more relatable and relevant for our local audiences.”

LG has creative new commercials that reframe the daily moments in our lives.

The Works has been appointed by LG Electronics Australia to lead the brand strategy across the company’s portfolio.

“LG Electronics is a world-renowned brand that has a diverse portfolio of products. Syncing the brand as one with a distinct Australian outlook is a challenge we are proud to have taken on,” said Damian Pincus, Founder/ Creative Partner, The Works.

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