LG reveals pricing and availability for its 2022 OLED and QNED TV ranges

LG has unveiled its 2022 TV line-up which is made up of 42 models across five ranges including the ever popular 8K and 4K OLED TVs along with QNED Mini LED TVs and an all-new lifestyle TV.

LG says all its new TVs have improved picture quality and a range of smart features so Australians can enjoy their content with bigger, better and brighter screens at home.

OLED remains LG’s flagship product and this year they include even brighter panels.

The brighter OLED evo technology has filtered down to the C Series and is even better in the G Series.

This delivers a 20 per cent increase in brightness on the C Series and 30 per cent improvement over last year’s G Series thanks to a new manufacturing process and an improved processor.

The result is bright and natural colour and greater clarity and detail.

Screen sizes across the entire LG TV range will go from 42-inch all the way up to a massive 97 inches.

And LG is also offering 8K versions of its OLED models including the 77-inch OLED Z2 8K and LG signature 88-inch OLED Z2 which has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 – that’s more than 33 million self-emitting pixels.

LG is also offering customers a five-year limited OLED panel warranty on the LG Z2 and G2 models.

“At LG Electronics, we are passionate about connecting Australians to bigger, better, brighter viewing experiences,” says Tony brown, marketing manager for home entertainment at LG Electronics.

“Over the last two years, we have seen a huge surge in demand for premium content and as we head into a new era of living in 2022, our TV line-up further supports consumer home entertainment needs.

“This year, we are not only continuing our leadership in OLED technology but also as a TV category leader.

“Through new technologies, form factors and sizes, LG TV products cater to all Australians’ home entertainment passions – whether that be movies, sports, gaming or design.”

LG’s OLED TV technology provides a great platform for movie lovers, sports fans and gamers thanks to the stunning high resolution, excellent refresh rates and processing power.

Sports fans will appreciate the OLED Motion technology which offers minimal blur while watching the fast-paced action.

LG will also be releasing a new lifestyle TV – the LG Art90 which has a unique design and form factor.

The LG Art90 has a textile cover that can cover most of the screen when not in use but then lower to uncover the LG 65-inch OLED evo screen.

Also on board is an 80W 4.2 channel sound system.

LG is also offering a premium LED TV line-up with the QNED Mini LED range which combines two of the best LED/LCD TV technologies – Quantum Dot and NanoCell – and brings them together to provide even higher quality and richer colour.

LG Art90

There are four new QNED Mini LED models in both 4K and 8K and range in sizes from 65-inch up to 86-inch.

The LG QNED Mini LED and 8K TVs incorporate Precision Dimming and Precision Dimming Pro Plus technology which means viewers will have up to 2000 individual dimming zones for a higher contrast ratio.

The result is even greater detail, more accurate colour reproduction and improved HDR (high dynamic range).

LG’s entry level TV’s will include the 4K NanoCell and 4K UHD models in a variety of sizes from 43-inch to 86-inch.

Also on board is LG’s new webOS 22 interface which allows users to set separate profiles for more personalised content recommendations.

This new system of course will include the popular streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Foxtel, Binge, Kayo and Optus Sport.

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