Hisense unveils its 2022 TV range which includes a 120-inch Laser TV

Hisense has revealed its 2022 TV range which includes a new 120-inch Trichroma Laser Cinema and improved ULED, Mini-LED and UHD offerings ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 which kicks off next month.

The Hisense range starts at impressive UHD TV’s and continues all the way through to the 8K Mini-LED ULED TV which now includes HDMI 2.1 as standard.

Tech Guide was given a sneak peek at the upcoming TVs which include improved audio.

Some models have incorporated upfiring speakers, a sound bar that runs along the bottom edge of the screen and even a subwoofer to create an outstanding audio and video experience.

Coupled with Dolby Atmos, the new Hisense TVs take your TV and movie viewing to new heights.

Also implemented in the new Hisense flagship Mini-LED range is Dolby vision IQ for true to life images.

The new range of Hisense TVs also include IMAX Enhanced certification which, when watching compatible material, offers even more picture top and bottom.

To receive this certification, the TV must pass more than 900 quality tests.

On the design side, the TVs have thinner bezels and minimal stands that also incorporate cable management.

“As technology and entertainment have diversified, so to have the needs of the new age consumer,” said Nick Peters, Head of Marketing, Hisense Australia.

“Each has unique and specific needs, which is why we are focused on delivering a range of feature rich models at an affordable price point.

“Whether you’re looking to watch the weekend footy, challenge your friends at the latest video game, or stream the latest blockbuster, there is a TV in our new range that can meet and surpass your expectations.”

The Hisense 120-inch Trichroma Laser Cinema comes with a specialised screen to enhance the quality of the 4K short throw projector.

Even in a bright room, the picture is still sharp and clear.

The Hisense TVs will also include improvements for the company’s signature technology including QLED Quantum Dot Colour, Full Array Local Dimming Pro and Smooth Motion to maintain a high standard of image quality.

Another major improvement is to Hisense’s VIDAA operating system with VIDAA U6 set to be available across all Hisense 2022 models.

The updated operating system offers customers a fast and easy way to get to what they want to watch from sport and reality TV to family friendly movies and Australian content.

After recently integrating Disney+ on its platform, Hisense is has set an ambitious road map for VIDAA U6 to include new content partnerships.

Also updated is the new and improved VIDAA smartphone app for iOS and Android which will help customers set up their new Hisense TV with no remote required to navigate the on-screen keyboard.

Pricing and availability of the new Hisense TV range is yet to be announced.

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