How to find the right size TV for your room

There are lot of choices when it comes to buying a TV and the first decision you have to make is choosing what screen size best suits the room in your home you’ll be watching it in.

Over the last three years, Australians have been demanding an increase in larger screen sizes, with 75-inch and larger becoming popular.

Samsung offers a range of size choices from 43-inch up to 85-inch. When choosing the right size TV for your home you should consider size, resolution and price.

Calculating the right TV size for your home is less complicated than you might think. A TV’s size refers to its diagonal length in inches, which comes from measuring the upper left-hand corner of the TV screen to the lower right-hand corner.

You should also consider, how bright the room is and how far you want your TV from the chair or sofa you will sit in. Samsung recommends that the most immersive experience is when 40 degrees of your field of view is taken up by the screen.

This field of view distance can be calculated by simply knowing the size of your TV and multiplying the screen size by 1.2. So, for a 75-inch TV, that means sitting 90 inches, or 2.3 meters away.

It is also important to factor in resolution, with 4K TVs increasingly becoming the norm and 8K TVs becoming much more popular, offering a very high resolution.

The Samsung Q950T 8K QLED TV

Samsung’s QLED TV range includes incredible features that continue to push true to life picture quality and offer a range of options for connectivity, offering you the ultimate entertainment experience in the comfort of your own home.

Samsung’s Intelligent Mode adapts picture, sound and volume to suit your environment, so as the light changes or ambient noise increases, it will adjust to optimise your viewing experience.*

And their Anti-Glare Technology helps reduce glare and reflections that get in the way of daytime viewing.

These technologies provide endless possibilities on where in your home you can watch the TV – whether it is a lounge room, bedroom, sunroom, backroom, kitchen, or office.

With a 4K TV the resolution is 3840 x 2160 which is four times the resolution of Full High Definition. With a broad range of 4K Samsung TVs, customers will notice the incredible detail of the picture. That’s because there are millions more pixels and those pixels are also smaller. And that means one thing – you can sit closer to the TV.

Working out the viewing distance is to determine how much of the screen you can see without the need to move your head and how much of the TV you can take in at a glance.

If you sat close to a full high definition TV it could lose a lot of the detail because there are fewer and bigger pixels compared to a 4K TV.

Now with 4K resolution, also known as UHD – Ultra High Definition – we can adjust the formula and divide the recommended viewing distance by one and a half.

Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs have a resolution of 7680 x 4320 which is four times as many pixels (four times the resolution) of 4K, so pixels are a lot finer and also why there is such great detail in the picture.

In fact, you could stand half a metre away from a Samsung QLED 8K TV and not be able to see a single pixel – that is how high the resolution is.

While there will be more 8K content down the track, Samsung QLED 8K TVs use AI and machine learning to upscale your existing content to 8K resolution.²

Another consideration when selecting the best TV for you, is how high or low you should have your TV wall-mounted for the most comfortable viewing experience. Samsung recommends that the middle of the TV be positioned at your eye level when sitting on your sofa. If your TV is higher or lower than this, it is best to tilt the TV up or down to avoid neck strain when watching over long periods.

The Samsung QLED TVs have impressive wide viewing angles so even if someone is on your spot on the couch or your guests are out on the wing – they can still enjoy the remarkable picture quality and clarity.

For more information, Samsung has created an online platform where consumers can access all of the information they need at the click of a button which can be accessed via –   and a product selector tool to help you choose the right TV for you:

The article was written in partnership with Samsung.

* Picture and sound quality of upscaled content will vary depending on quality and resolution of source content.

² Native 8K content availability is very limited. Picture quality of upscaled content will vary depending on the quality and resolution of source content.

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