Amazon’s robotic warehouse in western Sydney to be completed by the end of 2021

Amazon is on track to complete the construction of its largest warehouse in Australia and the company’s first robotics fulfillment centre in the southern hemisphere before the end of the year.

The building’s shell is finished with the rest of the mammoth warehouse – which is equal to the size of Taronga Zoo or 24 rugby league fields – well underway to accommodate the robotics which be able to keep track and dispatch more than 11 million items which will be housed on site.

Located in Western Sydney at the Goodman/Brickworks’ Oakdale West Industrial Estate, the Amazon fulfilment centre will be the largest warehouse ever built in Australia.

The new Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre – the largest warehouse ever built in Australia- under construction in Kemp’s Creek, Western Sydney

More than 1,400 people have worked on the construction which included the erection of a 13,500 tonne Australian steel frame. That’s actually more steel that was used to build the Sydney Olympic Stadium.

More than 300 additional contractors will descend on the site this week to begin the complex fit-out of the warehouse which will include the installation of the conveyor belt and robotics equipment.

The advanced robotics technology – the most advanced Amazon has created – will provide assistance to employees to improve the purchase and delivery process for customers.

Luke Rector, AU Expansions for Amazon Australia and program manager for the new Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre – the largest warehouse ever built in Australia- under construction in Kemp’s Creek, Western Sydney

The Amazon Fulfillment Centre will create more than 1,500 jobs with competitive pay and opportunities to work alongside the advanced robotics.

Between the construction and the fit out the facility would have created more than 1,700 jobs.

“We’re are pleased to confirm we are on track to open our first Amazon Robotics site for Australia in Western Sydney this year delivering more than 1,500 local jobs with the opportunity to work alongside advanced robotics,” said Craig Fuller, Director of Operations, Amazon Australia.

The new Amazon Robotics fulfilment centre – the largest warehouse ever built in Australia- under construction in Kemp’s Creek, Western Sydney

“This will be our fifth FC and will effectively double our operational footprint in Australia, providing our customers with wider selection and faster delivery when ordering via

“Utilising advanced technology, the robotics will enhance the efficiency of our operations as well as the safety of our associates, helping to support our Amazonians as they pick, pack and ship the millions of items housed within the FC to customers around the country.

“As we expand our roots here in Western Sydney, we remain committed to enriching and giving back to the local communities and look forward to working with Penrith Council and local schools and groups to contribute and support the community around our new facility in a meaningful way.”

When the facility opens it will offer a diverse range of job opportunities in a high-tech industry-leading workplace ranging from IT and HR to robotics professionals and associates who will work in collaboration with the robots to pick, pack and ship smaller items like books, beauty products, electronics and toys directly to customers.

The robots will move the pods of inventory to the associates to reduce collection time as well as increase stowage capacity by 50 per cent per square metre.

The new robotics facility will be the second warehouse in western Sydney and the fifth in Australia, increasing Amazon’s capacity to fulfil customer orders across the country.

Fast facts about the Amazon Robotics fulfillment centre:

– This is the largest warehouse ever built in Australia

– This will be the first Amazon Robotics site in the Southern Hemisphere

– Total floor area of the building is around 200,000 square metres – double the land size of Bondi Beach, the size of 24 rugby league fields

– Due to open before the end of 2021, the site will create more than 1,500 jobs

– Upon completion approximately 1,700 workers will have been involved in the construction and fit out of the building

– The building comprises 13,500 tonnes of Australian steel, 3,000 tonnes more steel than was used for Sydney Olympic Park Stadium

– More than 200,000 nuts and bolts were used for installation of the structural steel frame.

– It will have capacity to house up to 11 million items

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