SmartCup lets you go cash free when you get your coffee

Australian company frank green has launched the SmartCup – a world-first technology that combines a reusable cup and a payment system so you can go cash free each time you get your coffee.

The SmartCup has a sensor built into the lid to instantly process the payment at participating cafes and restaurants.

The sustainable and environmentally-friendly SmartCup syncs with the CafePay app so you can find locations that will accept these cashless payments.

Users can add a credit card to the CafePay app when they register so the funds can be drawn every time the SmartCup is used.

The app also makes it possible to pre-order coffee and even gift coffees to your friends.

You can also earn and redeem loyalty rewards with points received every time you buy a coffee or food.

The frank green SmartCup is stylish and functional and has a double-walled thermo plastic outer layer so your coffee stays hotter longer.

It’s made of stain and odour resistant recyclable material that is dishwasher safe, BPA-free and non-toxic.

And the lid also makes the SmartCup spill resistant. And of course it has that sensor to allow you to make your cashless payment.

The SmartCup is the brain child of entrepreneur Benjamin Young.

“What is amazing about what’s been achieved is that it blends the daily routine; you’ve got coffee, you’ve got money, you’ve got loyalty – you put that all together and you have an innovative way for cafes to build lasting relationships with their customers,” he said.

“What we’re creating is the ability to go cash-free – you can easily load credit onto your account.

“It’s for friends to send one another a coffee ‘just because’. For people to build loyalty with their local café and be rewarded for going back.

“For the ease with which cafes can notify customers of special offers and discounts via the CafePay app, all whilst being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“For cafes, we’ve developed a way to minimise merchant fees. CafePay has industry-leading technology, like SSL which encrypts data to keep payment and data customer information safe.

“Customers can easily set transaction limits, transaction time-of-day and nominate particular cafes for spending, for real peace of mind.”

You can buy the frank green SmartCup here.





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