Take control of your smart home with the latest affordable CONNECT products

We’re at the end of daylight savings and at the change of seasons which means it gets darker earlier so taking more control of your lighting is ideal and that’s exactly what you can do with the CONNECT smart home range.

Owned by Australian company Laser which has been delivering affordable technology for more than 30 years, the CONNECT smart home range include smart lights, light strips, smart switches, fairy lights, indoor and outdoor cameras, IR remotes and doorbells.

And they can all be controlled from an app on your smartphone or with your voice through a smart speaker.

The range is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

And you can get started for as little as $10 for the CONNECT Smart 5W E14 LED Bulb.

With a combination of other products like smart switches and light strips it’s possible to start your smart home journey for less than $100.

Customers can build on that system in the future with a range of different types of lights.

But having a smart home isn’t just about controlling lights – users can also enhance their home security with the CONNECT Smart Security Outdoor Cameras (from $149.95) and CONNECT Indoor Security Cameras (From $39). These cameras provide 1080p full HD video and night vision.

The CONNECT Smart Video Doorbell V2 ($149.95) allows users to respond to visitors at your door through the full HD camera and the two-way audio.

But smart homes can also help you save money by monitoring your electricity and water use.

The CONNECT Smart Power Board ($49.95) with four power points and two USB ports now comes with power monitoring and energy saving features.

Even in the garden the CONNECT Smart Home and Garden Watering ($179.95) is a wireless water controller that attaches to your existing hose system so you can create watering schedules and ensure you’re not wasting water.

But the convenience of these CONNECT devices means you can also do things like turn on your electric blanket from anywhere, check to see if you left the iron on, manage your slow cooker and much more.

The entire CONNECT smart home range is available now from Harvey Norman.

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