LG’s four-step plan to advance Artificial Intelligence and enhance our lives

AI is going be playing a bigger part of our lives from now on and LG has outlined a new framework at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the deployment of the technology which it hopes will become a seamless transition into our lives.

But LG president and chief technology officer IP Park says it has to be something that people want and that will add value to their lives.

“I don’t want technology to be evolving for the sake of technology.” Dr Park told Tech Guide.

“It has to provide value to customers. So if it’s something meaningful they will accelerate development, if it’s not really meaningful there is no point in doing it.”

AI, while helpful, has to also take onto consideration our privacy and wellbeing.

“We want AI and all other technologies to be helpful to us – we don’t want AI to be something that is obstructing our privacy or taking away things that should be ours,” Dr Park said.

“We need to keep a good balance their between technology, privacy and humanity.

“That’s one thing the industry really has to focus on going forward especially with respect to privacy and security.”

Mr Park says a big challenge with AI is trying to establish what people want from technology and he says many companies are not getting this right.

“For many high tech companies their focus is not in the right direction,” he said.

“Their focus is on providing technologies they think people want.

“People want something that is really valuable to them. I want to make sure we provide AI and other technologies that really provide benefits to customers – not just pushing technologies to them.”

The ultimate goal for AI according to Dr Park would be for people to not even notice it is there.

“Human experience is probably one of the most important things as we make products so we can talk about AI technology and being more and more advanced but also we need to focus on the human experience,” he said.

“We talk about things like user interface and user experience and how that’s important so as we develop AI we need to make sure the AI experience is something that is much easier to use, more seamless and more value providing to humans.”

LG has partnered with Element AI to create four levels of AI that will, over time, create a meaningful impact in customers lives.

This structured framework incudes Efficiency (Level 1), Personalisation (Level 2), Reasoning (Level 3) and Exploration (Level 4).

Efficiency is where devices and systems can be automated which is already possible with simple commands and voice control.

Personalisation looks at patterns and learns to optimise specific functions as well as accumulate data and interact with the environment.

Reasoning, the third level, uses causality learning through the collective intelligence of a system that is made of different devices and services.

LG can take advantage of its diverse product portfolio and numerous intelligent touchpoints and gather information to understand why things are happening.

But the ultimate destination for LG’s AI journey will be Exploration which will use a concept called Experimental Learning which will allow the system to develop new capabilities to learn and improve over time.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense

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