Optus offering new insurance cover for your smartphone and tablets

To insure or not insure – that is the question. Optus has launched Yes Cover to give customers protection if their device is lost, stolen or damaged.

We all carry smartphones around with us every day and use other devices like tablets often, especially when we’re travelling.

And unfortunately we sometimes misplace these devices or, even worse, they get stolen and all we are left with after all that is the heartache and the bill to replace it.

But now Optus customers have the option of taking up Yes Cover for an additional $13 a month on top of their existing contract cost.

“Optus Yes Cover is all about giving our customers peace of mind. We know how much Australians love their phones,” says Ben White, vice president, mobile marketing for Optus.

“They take them everywhere, on holiday, while exercising or even to the bathroom.

“But we also know disasters do strike. That’s why we’ve improved our device insurance to make it simpler, faster and easier for customers to get their devices fixed.”

More than 118,000 Optus customers made an insurance claim in the last 12 months with 75 per cent of claims related to physical damage, 20 per cent for lost devices and five per cent reporting devices as stolen.

With Yes Cover your devices and accessories are covered both in Australia and internationally for damage and theft.

But when it comes to make a claim there is an excess charge involved.

You pay $50 for accidentally damaged devices – we’re sure smashed smartphone screens will be top of the list here – and $150 if your device has been lost or stolen.

And when it’s time to make a claim Optus says customers will get their replacement device within one or two days of their claim being approved.

There are no lock-in contracts with Yes Cover so you can cancel anytime and there is no limit to the number of claims you make as long as you are paying your monthly fee.

Yes Cover from Optus is available only for postpaid customers.


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