Navman’s new Drive Duo is a GPS and full HD Dash Cam in one

Today a GPS system can’t just give you turn by turn navigation – it has to do more and Navman has recognised that with the new Drive Duo which includes a full high definition dash cam to be your eyes and ears on the road.

The Drive Duo has a 5-inch screen and gives users the best of both worlds.

It is a premium GPS navigation system which includes safety alerts and live traffic updates.

The device is also a fully-fledged dash cam with full HD 1080p recording with a 140-degree lens to capture your surroundings in the event of an on-road incident.

On the navigation side, drivers can take advantage of landmark guidance which uses objects the driver can see to direct them along with spoken safety alerts and other warnings including merging lanes, sharp corners and give way and stop signs.

The Drive Duo comes with lifetime map updates along with a mileage reporter for anyone who needs to keep a logbook or is logging the hours while teaching someone to drive.

Other GPS features include 3D junction views with real sign imagery and lane guidance so you’ll never miss a turn-off.

It’s also possible to pair your phone to the Navman Drive Duo so you can safely answer the phone while you’re driving.

The product also comes with a number of safety features. These include lane departure alerts if you veer out of your lane and a front collision alert if you are too close to the car ahead of you.

The Drive Duo dash cam is optimised to work accurately day and night and provides clear full high definition video to easily identify any details like number plates, street signs and people.

A three-axis G sensor can automatically detect and register an impact and file the relevant video away for the driver to retrieve.

The video will contain a time-stamp and the exact GPS location.

The Navman Drive Duo dash cam can also work vehicle is parked with the addition of the MiVue Smartbox (available at additional cost) to record what’s going on around your car while you’re away from it.

The Navman Drive Duo is available now and is priced at $279.

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  • Maxine Wright

    I am trying to work out if you can use the navigation and the dash cam at the same time??

  • stephenfenech

    Yes you can!