The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen – Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? This week on The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen podcast we’re watching Ghostbusters starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.

The comedy smash was directed by Ivan Reitman who recently passed away. Ghostbusters was one of his most popular films along Stripes, Kindergarten Cop and Up In The Air.

Ghostbusters tells the story of three scientists who are kicked out of their university and decide to set up a business catching ghosts at a time when supernatural events are starting to occur across New York City.

Fun fact: the original title for Ghostbusters was Ghostbreakers because another TV show owned the name so two versions of everything was shot until they officially took ownership of the title.

Stephen has watched the movie many times and Trevor is watching it from start to finish for the first time.

We go through the memorable scenes and share some interesting facts, behind the scenes tidbits, trivia, plot holes and other things you don’t know about the film.

You can listen to the show on the player below.

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