The new USB-C standard and why you’ll be using it this year

One thing you’re going to be hearing about a lot this year is USB-C – both the cables and the ports and the many devices that will be using this format and Belkin is leading the charge with new products and a guide to find the cable that’s right for you.

USB-C is a new standard of USB that we’re already seeing on the latest devices including Apple’s 12-inch MacBook and the most recent Nexus Android smartphones.

And it will be see on even more laptops, smartphones and tablets in 2016.

So what’s so special about USB-C?

USB-C is reversible and had a chipset onboard to handle power, data and video at the same time

For a start the cable, unlike microUSB, is reversible. There’s no right way up or down.

How many times have you tried to connect our microUSB cable and it was the wrong way up?

Well you can kiss that goodbye.

USB-C can carry power, data, audio and video at the same time so the cables need to be fully certified.

USB-C is twice the speed of USB 3.0, can carry up to 10Gbps, up 100W and 3A of power and 4K/UHD video.

There is actually a chipset built-in to each end of the cable to make it work quickly and efficiently.

Belkin has already begun releasing certified USB-C products like cables, adaptors and hubs to give customers the best experience with their devices.

On the Belkin site, users will find a guide to advise them of the right USB-C products to connect their devices and expand their functionality.

For example, Apple’s MacBook has one USB-C port – and that’s it. From this one port you have to charge it, share data and content.

A USB-C cable must be certified so it can work quickly and efficiently

But what happens if you’re charging it and need to share some data.

What you’ll find on the Belkin site are suggestions on the cables you’ll need depending on the devices you own.

For example if you wanted to connect your iPhone to your MacBook you’ll need a Lightning to USB-C cable – something you’ll find out at the Belkin USB-C Resource Centre.



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