Telstra provides 12,000 free handsets to customers in need ahead of 3G shutdown

Telstra will be giving away 12,000 handsets to elderly, disadvantaged and remote customers around Australia to make sure they can stay connected to the network after the 3G shutdown.

Telstra pushed back its 3G shut down from the end of June to August 31 to give those customers who needed to upgrade more time.

Telstra says most of the customers who will receive these complimentary handsets are 80 or older and dealing with financial hardship and difficult situations including recovering from a natural disaster.

A lot of these customers rely on this connection because they have a life threatening medical condition.

“From today Telstra will be sending out around 12,000 complementary devices to some of the most disadvantaged, elderly and remote customers,” says Telstra consumer segment executive Mark McGrath.

“These devices will replace their old incompatible devices and make sure they can stay connected after the 3G closure on the 31st of August.

“These customers are in difficult situations, so we want to make it easy to upgrade and stay connected.

“We’re already communicating to those customers. We’re writing to them to let them know that these devices are coming and then we’re sending out a care package which will have the device and some simple instructions on how they can upgrade.

“We’re also making sure that those customers get a like for like device.”

Telstra customers can text 3 to 3498 to find out if their device is impacted and if they need to upgrade.