Optus kicks off SMS service so customers can check their devices before the 3G shut down

Optus has kicked of its text message service so customers can check if their devices will continue to work once it shuts down its 3G network at the end of September.

Telstra, which was due to turn off its 3G network on June 30, started offering the same SMS service in April.

And Telstra has now pushed back its 3G network closure to give customers more time to check and upgrade their devices.

It’s not just older 3G devices that will be impacted but also some 4G devices that may have been purchased overseas or imported.

These products might not be configured for Australian networks and/or may not support 4G VoLTE (voice over 4G).

A device must have VoLTE compatibility to call emergency services after the 3G shut down.

The Optus SMS services is the same as Telstra’s and requires customers to text the number 3 to 3498.

The response to that SMS will inform customers if their device will be OK or if they need to act.

Optus will also be contacting customers via SMS, email and by letter if they need a new device.

Customers can also call into an Optus store to check their smartphone, call on 1300 219 070 or message on the My Optus app.