Here are the top apps you can use with the Apple Watch

The highly anticipated Apple Watch goes on sale today and while there are plenty of Apple’s own apps on the device there are also more than 3,000 third party apps ready to install now.

Apple cleverly made the WatchKit available six months ago to allow developers plenty of time to have their apps ready to go from launch day.

And Apple Watch apps aren’t all just a shrunken down version of the iPhone app.

They take into account the screen size, the use of the digital crown and, of course, the fact it is positioned on your wrist and easier to access than your iPhone.

Here are some of the Apple Watch apps that are available now:


You can view a single tweet at a time and you’ll get your notifications with a tap. Apart from browsing your feed, you can also favourite or retweet from your wrist. And you can compose tweets using Dictation.


The world’s largest online store is now as close as your wrist. The eBay Apple Watch app lets you keep a closer eye on items you’re bidding on and give you a tap to tell you when you’ve been outbid or if there’s an item you’re watching about to end.


What’s the name of that song? Now you can tap the Apple Watch for the answer. And you can not only find the name of the song but you can also follow the lyrics as well and sing along.


Expedia, the popular travel app for Apple Watch, can provide up to 20 different notifications from flights and gate changes to hotel check in times and car rental information. You can also access itineraries for details flight and hotel information and also access local maps.


You’ll now be able to view and like pictures in your feed and offer simple replies using emoticons. The Apple Watch app will also allow users to view their recent notifications and see the people who like their pictures.


The Woolies Apple Watch app lets you find your nearest store and also puts your shopping list on your wrist and even arranges that list in aisle order so it’s a breeze to check off items as you put them in your trolley.


Qantas has created its Apple Watch app to provide information like boarding times, departure gates and arrival times on your wrist. It can also tell you which carousel to collect your luggage from and puts your Frequent Flyer account at your fingertips.


Requesting a car through Uber is now easier than ever with a simple tap on the Apple Watch screen and also see the car approaching on the display as well. You can even view the information about the driver including their type of car their driving and the registration.


No you won’t be able to view a presentation on the Apple Watch but you will be able to control your presentation and move forward and backwards through your slides from your wrist.


If you’re seeking a nearby hotel, the answer will be right there on the Apple Watch. You can retrieve booking information, find directions to the hotel and see check-in and check-out times.


Now you can keep up with your invoicing on Apple Watch with Invoice2go. It can help track your time on a particular job, capture data that will appear in the final invoice for review and send with a single tap. You will also receive notifications when payments are received.



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