Customers can now connect to Optus MVNO plans with an eSIM

Joining a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the Optus network just got a little easier with customers who will now be able to access the service in minutes using a digital eSIM.

Optus MVNOs include Amaysim, Circles.Life, Dodo, Exetel, Vaya, iPrimus and Spintel.

Now instead of sourcing a physical SIM card, customers can simply scan a QR code to connect Post-paid and Prepaid plans on the Optus 4G and 5G network.

But you’ll also need a smartphone that’s compatible with eSIM.

These include iPhones as far back as four years old, Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards and the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip devices, the more recent Google Pixel devices and a range of other phones from Oppo and Motorola.

You can see the entire list here.

“We are launching eSIMs because our MVNO partners want to offer their customers a more simple, sustainable and convenient way to join Optus’ strong, nationwide network,” says Optus Managing Director of Wholesale, Satellite and Strategy, Ben White.

Now, customers of our wholesale partners will have a simple new way of connecting without needing to acquire a physical SIM card.

“eSIMs allow customers the option to have two numbers on one device, potentially eliminating the need to carry around both a work phone and a personal phone.

“It also provides more Australians with new ways to make more sustainable, environmentally friendly changes to their everyday lives.”

Optus says latest SIM card evolution will offer even more convenience for customers who just need to scan a QR code to activate the eSIM.

Optus was the first Australian mobile network to offer eSIMs and wants to provide its MVNO partners with the latest technologies as well.

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