BlackBerry 10 and new devices to be revealed January 30

Research in Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry, will be launching its brand new operating system and two new handsets on January 30, 2013.

BlackBerry 10 and the new devices will be unveiled on that date in a global event along with their availability.

With tremendous competition from iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry is facing an uphill battle to not only retain customers but hopefully win some new ones.

BlackBerry 10 is a touchscreen interface that boasts several key features including:

BlackBerry Flow and BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Flow offers the ability to easily navigate across several open applications to make your workflow even faster.

The BlackBerry Hub contains all of your messages, notifications, feeds and calendar events and a simple swipe of the screen can give users an instant peek at all of them.

BlackBerry Keyboard

Typing accurately on a touchscreen is a challenge no matter what smartphone you’re using.

BlackBerry keyboard will introduce an all-new predictive text input that will anticipate the next word you’re trying to write.

BlackBerry Balance

Now users will be able to keep their work and private sections of their BlackBerry separate and be able to switch between the two with a single command.

Things like apps and personal data will be kept away from work data and documents. The work profile can also be encrypted for added security.

BlackBerry hasn’t had the best record when it comes to producing a decent touchscreen device.

The Storm and the Storm II were nothing short of disasters which was largely due to the clunky hardware and the operating system not being fully suited to the touchscreen interface.

Its recent “Wake Up” , “Be Bold” campaign was also embarrassing and did little, if anything, to drive new customers to the challenged BlackBerry platform.

But in terms of what BlackBerry has in store for the future – all will be revealed on January 30, 2013.

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