Australians in fear of mobile cyber crime

A new study by internet security specialist Norton has revealed one in two Australians are concerned about mobile cyber crime.

Smartphones are now a central part of the majority of Australians lives with 80 per cent owning at least one mobile device.

And we are using these devices to access the internet and use apps on the go as well as staying connected to family and friends.

But Norton’s research has shown that 51 per cent of Australians acknowledge mobile threats are a real and present danger.

Alarmingly 42 per cent of Australian smartphones users do not have password protection on their device and an additional 33 per cent are unaware they are able to remotely track their mobile via GPS.

One in four Australians have had their mobile either lost or stolen with 71 per cent saying losing all their contacts was the worst part of the experience.

Surprisingly only 55 per cent rated the cost to replace the device as their highest concern.

“Consumers have a good understanding of online threats that can affect them on their computers, but mobile security threats are something they need to start being aware of,” said David Freer, vice president of Norton Asia Pacific & Japan.

“With greater connectivity to the internet through mobile devices, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting this platform.

With so much valuable and personal information residing on our mobile devices, mobile users need to have the right security measures in place – both a reliable mobile security solution and personal diligence to back up important information.”

Norton Mobile Security is available for Android devices and provides protection for device and data loss as well as anti-theft, anti-malware and remote locate and wipe features.

Norton Mobile Security Lite is available for free on the Google Play Store but users after complete protection can upgrade to full featured Norton Mobile Security for $29.95 for a two-year subscription.

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