Microsoft announces launch date for latest Windows 10 operating system

Microsoft has announced a launch date for its highly anticipated new Windows 10 operating system in 190 markets around the world – including Australia – to empower a whole new era of computing.

Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for customers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 from July 29.

And when the device is upgraded Microsoft will support it with software updates for the life of the device.

The Windows 10 operating system has been built and shaped with the help of more than four million people around the world through the beta program.

Windows 10 will offer users a number of new features and the return of some old favourites.


Microsoft will bring back the Start menu to make it easier to find their files, pinned applications and favourites.

Another thing that will re-introduced is the desktop instead of a full screen of apps like we saw with the Metro Start screen of Windows 8.1.


Windows 10 will include Windows Hello to greet users by their name and allow them to log into their computer without a password through biometric authentication.

Also included is Cortana – the Windows 10 digital assistant that will allow users to talk to their PC, conduct searched and issue commands.

Cortana the digital assistant on Windows 10

Windows 10 will also make it possible for users to interact with their devices not only through the keyboard and mouse but also with voice, pen and gestures.


Windows 10 includes Windows Passport and Windows Defender – anti-malware protection – that will deliver free security updates.


Windows 10 can also be used across a number of devices with or without touchscreens along with smartphones and tablets that can now run the same operating system as a computer.



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