LG’s smarter products will incorporate ThinQ AI to learn and adapt to your needs

LG has kicked off the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show with a commitment to provide an additional layer of intelligence to its products across the home to truly live up to its motto of “innovation for a better life”.

The rubber will hit the road in 2018 with that corporate philosophy as the products across the company portfolio including appliances, TVs, speakers and air conditioners incorporate the LG ThinQ AI.

LG ThinQ AI will not only allow all of these devices to talk to each other but to also learn from the users in the home.

These products can evolve over time and learn to meet your specific needs.

For example, the LG air conditioner will remember your favourite temperature settings and the times you like to use it while a robot vacuum can learn who the people and pets are in your home and remember them.

In 2018, LG will integrate AI even further into its diverse range of everyday products in the home, the car and the office.

Its washing machines and dryers will be able to fit the right cycle to suit your habits and your schedule while the LG refrigerator will let you know what groceries you need to buy.

Another thing LG is committed to is openness and a compatibility with outside solutions and products that might not bear its logo.

The smarts of LG’s appliances and all new OLED TV range come from its ThinQ AI platform while the interactivity and voice control will be through Google Assistant to help gets things done hand-free.

LG’s entire line-up of products across the home will all be wi-fi enabled with ThinQ onboard to learn and optimise the services they provide for the user and come up with the most convenient solution.

Another product introduced by LG was a robot assistant called CLOi – a virtual assistant which you can interact with using just your voice.

CLOi is designed to serve as a type of concierge so you can ask it questions and perform tasks before co-ordinate the products to work together.

LG’s CLOi robot

The example used on stage showed the presenter doing laundry with CLOi reminding him he had scheduled a gym session at 10am so it suggested a sports wear cycle so his workout gear would be cleaned in time.

But as the presentation was about to continue, CLOi unfortunately got stage fright and failed to respond to the presenter’s greetings.

But that didn’t stop the demonstration of the versatility of LG’s connected appliances.

At this stage there are no plans to bring CLOi to Australia.

LG’s new refrigerator has a 29-inch display which will allow customers to find recipes, check the weather and even do their grocery shopping.

Of course, LG’s entertainment products like its remarkable OLED TV range have also been enhanced with ThinQ, Google Assistant and an even more powerful Alpha 9 processor.

Users can talk to the TV and find out information like news and weather as well as take a look at their photos, order a pizza and call an Uber.

It will also be possible to control the TV with your voice like asking to play a favourite program, change sources and choose the right picture mode.

But it can go even deeper than that and look at content and content information so it’s possible to find out who the actor is on screen or who wrote the soundtrack, for example.

And, of course, LG is also improving its OLED and Super UHD TVs with faster and more intelligent Alpha 9 (OLED) and Alpha 7 (SUHD) processors.

The processors will enable four-step noise reduction, object-based enhancement, improved sharpness, more natural images and even more lifelike colour.

The OLED TVs will also have High Frame Rate to support up to 120fps for sports and action movies.

The LG SUHD TVs have Nano technology built-in to provide a better experience for viewers sitting at various angles.

LG says a viewer sitting 60 degrees off centre with a regular LED TV would see a reduction in picture quality equivalent to watching a 10-year-old TV.

With the LG Nano Cell SUHD TV – all viewing angles are of equal quality.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG

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