Laser’s new digital alarm clock can also charge your smartphone wirelessly

Laser has released a new digital alarm clock that’s packed with the latest technology including Bluetooth connectivity and Qi wireless charging – and all for less than $100.

When it comes to charging your devices, the Laser device offers a few options.

If you have a Qi-enabled device, like the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8, you can simply place the phone on top of the Laser digital alarm clock to charge it without cables.

But there are also three USB charging ports along the front of the product to handle all your other charging needs.

Users can connect to the device via Bluetooth to stream their music through the clock’s built-in speaker.

There’s also an AUX IN port to allow users to connect their device to the Laser digital alarm clock with an audio cable.

And when your phone is paired to the device you can make and receive calls even while it’s charging.

The clock has large easy-to-read numbers on the front display and controls on the top panel.

The ultra-clear LCD screen dims automatically to suit the light conditions and can display 12 or 24-hour digital time as well as the outside temperature, alarms and audio settings.

And, like a typical digital alarm clock, you can listen to your favourite FM stations, dual alarms and a nine-minute snooze button.

The Laser Digital Alarm Clock is available now for $98 exclusively at Harvey Norman.