It’s been a Selfie Stick Christmas – here’s how to use them properly

The Selfie Stick was a very popular gift this Christmas and social media feeds were filled with images taken with the products.

They have been particularly popular with tourists and easy to spot at popular attractions where individuals and groups use them to capture their souvenir images.

But one thing we noticed was that not everyone was using them properly.

Here’s a tip – if we can see the pole in the photo – you’re doing it wrong.

At the top of the extendable pole is a clip or frame that will fit your smartphone or digital camera.

This clip is also adjustable and it should be angled so that your camera frames the people and the background and NOT the pole.

There are different Selfie Sticks on the market.

The Selfie Stick from 3SIXT

The cheaper Selfie Sticks is basically just an extendable pole with a clip on the end and to take your image you need to set the timer.

Moving up to the Bluetooth Selfie Sticks they are paired to your smartphone and the button on the handle activates the shutter on your device’s camera.

An example is the Bluetooth Selfie Stick from 3SIXT – priced at $29.95.

The Selfie Stick from MrMobile allows you to adjust the zoom and activate the shutter from the handle

Stepping up to the next level are Selfie Sticks that can not only pair with your smartphone but also adjust the camera’s zoom on Android devices.

MrMobile sells this type of Selfie Stick for $49.95.




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