If you’re worried about how your child is treated online, you’re not alone

One of the biggest concerns for Australians is the negative impact of social media, cyber bullying and trolling according to new research which has been released to coincide with Stop Cyber Bullying Day.

Friday, June 21 is Stop Cyber Bullying Day and this new report, commissioned by Core Data for Real Insurance, surveyed around 5000 Australians and showed parents have a real concern about protecting their child from online dangers.

Many went as far to say that they are totally helpless in preventing their child from silently suffering from bullying and harassment.

The report found the third-highest concern of Australian families after insuring your family feels happy and finding enough quality time as a family.

Of those under 55, 73.5 per cent were concerned about protecting their children from cyber bullying while 67.2 per cent were worried about social media creating unrealistic beauty and lifestyle expectations.

The growing negative influence of social media was also a concern for 56.3 per cent of over 55 respondents and 54.4 per cent of those under 55.

And 65.4 per cent of under 55 is were also anxious about social media exposing their child  to poor role models.

The research among concerned parents exposed a deeply complicated issue.

Due to the ease of access to social media and a child’s tendency to be always online, they are exposed to numerous online dangers.

And unlike the pre-internet days when bullying only occurred during school hours, the connected world has made this a 24/7 concern.

The online world offers anonymity so attacks that can damage a child’s self-esteem are also usually untraceable.

Parents have a lot of tools at their disposal including parental controls that can both reside on their child’s smartphone and on their home network.

These offer some peace of mind for parents so they can monitor their child’s online behaviour and the sites and social media platforms they are visiting.

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