What Type of Betting Sites Do Australians Love?

Australians love sports as much as they love their beer, and they love gambling almost as much. Australians have enjoyed sporting activities for the past 200 years. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they love betting on their favorite sports.

While other countries are so focused on introducing regulations to abolish gambling, the Australian government is doing the opposite, legalizing gambling and collected taxes from these activities.

Study shows that an average Australian gambler gambles an average of $1000 per year. The number of punters in the country is gradually increasing despite the numerous advocacy groups committed to pressuring people out of gambling.

How come Australia has numerous betting sites? What are some of the most preferred betting sites in Australia? Read on to find out more.

Most preferred betting sites in Australia

Since gambling is quite common in Australia, numerous betting sites allow punters to place bets on their favorite teams and players. Through the betting sites, fans of various sporting activities have the chance to bet on horse races, football games, and soccer.

Some of the most preferred Australia betting sites include:

Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is a popular game globally, and it is also one of the favorite wagering sports for Australians. Like any other soccer fan, Australians find soccer exciting, especially when they expect money as the outcome.

The reason why soccer betting is mainly preferred is that there are always professional matches being played all the time, whether internationally or locally, so one can enjoy good soccer betting odds all year round.

All soccer fans are loyal and passionate about their respective teams and favorite players. Therefore, this is usually the motivating factor for most soccer punters. Many punters place bets purely because their teams hold a place in their hearts.

Some of the popular soccer bet types include:

  • Win-draw-win: This is the most popular and straightforward bet that one can place. The punter has to bet on which team will win or if the match will draw.
  • Total goals: in this case, the punter has to decide whether the match will be a dour match or the flood gates will open.
  • Correct score: here, the punter has to pick the score of the match. Will it be 0-0 or 2-0?
  • Half time/Full time Double: here, the punter has to pick the team that will win during half time and after full time.

Of course, there are other numerous soccer bets that one can place; that’s just a highlight of what soccer betting entails.

Furthermore, there are international tournaments with numerous leagues and competitions where Australians enjoy placing bets. The FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro are some of the biggest competitions that attract Australian punters.

Football betting sites

Even though football is not a common sport worldwide, it’s one of the most popular sports to bet on in Australia. Most Australian punters place bets on major Australian games in the AFL premiership, one of the most significant Australian leagues.

Two teams are left to participate in the finals every season, making it one of the biggest matches known as the AFL Grand finale. During the finals, the season attracts numerous punters in Australia who would love to make the most bets and local bookmakers who focus more on providing the best odds for this significant event.

Horse Racing Betting sites

Horse racing is one of the oldest yet very popular sport in Australia. For decades, Australians have been participating in horse racing betting, and it has become more of a tradition. This is because most of the best horses that participate in horse racing activities are bred in Australia; hence the Aussies feel the need to support their own.

This is why many Australian punters place bets in significant horse racing events like the Annual Melbourne Racing Carnival and Championships, with prominent races during these periods including the Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup, Queen Elizabeth Stakes, and Caufield Cup.

It’s a tradition that has not been erased; in fact, it has been made relatively better and accessible to all Australians with the new technology.

Some of the most preferred horse racing betting sites include bet365 and UNIBET.

Rugby Betting sites

Even though rugby is not the most played sports in the country (cricket and swimming rank higher), the sport is growing rapidly, and becoming more popular especially in the Australian betting market. Rugby lovers in Australia now have access to great betting options with better odds like never before.

There are two types of Rugby sports in Australia; the rugby union and the rugby league. With both being professional sports, you can bet on one or both of them. What is the difference between the two?

The two have slightly different rules; there are about thirty-five minutes of ball play in Rugby union while there are about fifty minutes of playball in the league games.

For the Rugby Union, punters are allowed to bet on the international series test tournament, single match wins, and you can also place a tri-scorer bet.

Most punters also enjoy placing bets on games in the National Rugby Leagues, a competition among Australia’s best teams.

Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is considered a “gentleman’s game,” however, its popularity has increased in recent years, and many people are now enjoying it. As a result, cricket betting has become more than just gambling on the development of a match. The market is now broader, filled with main bets and side bets.

Like any other sport, a punter can place a bet on a specific player or team. Cricket also has numerous leagues in Australia and across the world. Like soccer, the leagues are spread all across the globe; therefore, a punter can place bets at any time of year.


Good marketing and lenient regulations on betting have helped develop a good betting culture in Australia. Their love for sports has made it easier to develop better betting facilities and has enabled easy access to gambling sites. Research shows that 80% of the Australian population consists of gamblers.

Australians are some of the most dedicated gamblers around the world. They might not always win the bet, but they will definitely give it another try. If you are an adult and enjoy gambling, check out some online Australian bookies and give it a try.

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