Using Artificial Sounds: What Are The Main Benefits For Your Business?

Sound synthesis has been a key innovation over the last several years – one that has enabled services like the text to speech platforms to bring a variety of accessibility options to consumers. The innovations that helped create artificial sounds were world-changing tools that paved the way for these services to become mainstream.

By working in many intricate steps, it’s possible for computers and mobile devices to artificially produce human speech. By understanding the process used to create these services, we can easily see some unexpected ways that they can be applied.

How Are Voices Created

Utilizing artificial intelligence is a key process that ensures text to speech systems are as efficient as they can be. Artificial intelligence programs utilize algorithms that analyze text and context used. When machine learning is applied, the resources that these AI programs can pull from growing exponentially over time, and more accurate readouts can occur.

To put it simply, an AI will analyze a sentence, then generate a response based on the words in that sentence. If the sentence was something like “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” then the AI has automatically learned every letter in the alphabet, just like that!

Now if it reads the sentence “Joe waited for a train” it can automatically string every letter it learned from the previous sentence to read aloud this new one. Since the letter “O” in fox, brown, and Joe are all pronounced differently, the AI will utilize the context of the rest of the word to generate the correct pronunciation.

To become perfect, the AI will be focusing on adapting to every combination of every letter to make sure the words sound accurate once converted to speech.  This also takes into account pronunciations in different languages, so it can always tell the difference between “Hello”, “Hola”, and “Aloha”. 

What Can You Use them For

Artificial sounds, especially ones you can generate yourself have a variety of uses in day to day life, in ways that can make certain tasks easier, in some potentially surprising ways. 

There are options like utilizing a robot voice generator to create sounds for yourself based on the text that you type. These services are great for use in making sure that text is conversational and sounds authentic when spoken by someone besides yourself.

This could be used in a pitch for a business meeting where an employee could put themselves in the shoes of their investors by listening to their own presentation. Another use that you might not have guessed could be in-game nights with friends.

Some campaigns of tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons could load scripts into artificial voice generators and have their stories presented to them automatically, without the need for one player to sit out and have to read it all themselves. Using text to speech services, now everyone has a chance to play! 

The number of surprising ways we can incorporate these services in our daily lives doesn’t stop there. By understanding how these services are utilized and what goes into making them up, you can discover a new way to take advantage of them too.

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