Unlocking International Shopping: Tips and Tricks for Shopping on Amazon

If you want to increase the variety of goods you can buy, explore Amazon’s international marketplaces which provide access to products that are not offered in your country and also give the opportunity to take advantage of regional deals.

However, it is necessary to use an empirical approach when trying to navigate through different Amazon country settings so as not to experience any obstacles. How to Change the Country on Amazon?

Changing Your Country Setting

To shop on various international platforms of Amazon, you need to change your country setting. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Go to “Your Account” and select “Content and Devices”.
  • Click on the “Preferences” tab, then find “Country/Region Settings”.
  • You will see your current country setting here. Simply click on “Change” and enter an address in the new country from which you would like to shop. Please be aware that this address affects digital content availability and how sales tax is calculated.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When shopping internationally on Amazon, there are several potential issues that may arise:

  1. Shipping Costs and Delivery Times: International shipping might be more expensive and take longer than domestic shipping. Always check these details before purchasing.
  2. Customs and Import Taxes: Your purchases might incur additional charges. Sometimes Amazon’s Global Store calculates these fees at checkout, but it is better knowing about local customs regulations beforehand.
  3. Methods of payment: Some online retailers might not accept local payment options. Therefore, you have to check if your method of payment is valid for international transactions.

Optimizing Your Shopping Experience

Below are some guidelines for making the most out of your international shopping:

  1. Language Settings: For instance, in case there is a language that you’re comfortable with and it does not appear on these two sites, you can select another from the list presented in this tab.
  2. Currency Converter: However, Amazon’s currency converter can assist you determine how much any product costs in your home money although remember about conversion fees which could be loaded onto and make it more expensive for you.
  3. Prime Membership: The advantage of this is that it will save them time in terms of delivery and money as they don’t need to carry cash around whenever they want to shop either within their locality or even internationally hence saving them from transaction costs. It should also be noted that Amazon Prime benefits are region specific and thus one may need to subscribe separately when searching for items internationally.

Managing Account Preferences for International Shopping

Tweaking account settings can improve your global shopping experience:

  1. Use Amazon’s Global Store: This feature shows products available across borders and specifies shipping charges and respective custom duties if any.
  2. Explore Local Marketplaces: Sometimes, local amazon sites may offer better rates or unique products not found at Global Store when shopping from a particular region around the world.
  3. Be Aware of Exchange Rates: Therefore, while shopping online at Amazon.com from another country, keep an eye on fluctuating exchange rates since changes can affect overall cost.


Shopping across Amazon’s international marketplaces opens up a vast array of products and deals. By changing your country setting and being mindful of shipping costs, customs duties, payment methods, and exchange rates, you can navigate these waters more effectively. With the right approach, international shopping on Amazon can be both rewarding and hassle-free.