The biggest technological advancements in the past decade

Augmented Reality

When we talk about virtual reality, we’ve heard that term many times before. It is a piece of technology that makes you feel like you’re in a different place with different things around you. Even though virtual reality makes you live in a completely different world, augmented reality doesn’t make you live in a completely different world.

However, it places the virtual parts in the same ecosystem as yours, which is to say, in your natural environment. Users only see these superimposed objects. This gives the user a sense of how it would have looked if the objects were there in real life instead of on the screen. Some of the most popular augmented reality apps are Google Skymap and PokemonGo.

3D Printing

When it comes to 3D printing, it has been around for a long time. In the last decade, 3D printing has come into the market. We can now find parts made of metal that have been 3D printed, as well as organs that have been made that way.

A lot of people have found that 3D printing technology is very useful in the world of business.

For example, there is no need to ship a certain part from one place to another. The design files can be sent safely, and the metal object can be made at the location with the help of 3D printers and the design files.


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise a wide range of industries, from finance to manufacturing to education, thanks to its wide-ranging impact. Many people are surprised to learn that Blockchain technology has a long history dating back to the early 1990s.

As the competition for digital economies heats up, a number of new applications have emerged, all but underscoring the effect it is likely to have. Nowadays, block chain is used by many different sectors and with good reason. In the casino industry for example, Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just clever ways to program money. The blockchain, then, serves as a record of every transaction that has ever taken place on it. A decentralised database is one that contains copies on many separate computers. As a result, anybody may check it, which is why it’s transparent. For example, players who play at online casinos like PlayAmo with cryptocurrency on the blockchain platform will be completely anonymous. Players don’t need to give any extra information when they pay; their crypto wallet will start and finish transactions quickly and without any problems. Making it easy for everyone to have a good time.

This is good for people who want to keep their gambling habits private from banks that keep a paper trail. In contrast to modern banking systems, cryptocurrency is completely transparent, paperless, and independent from each other.

Cloud computing

Among other things, cloud computing gives us a centralised database, data analysis, easy access over a wide area, renting services off the cloud, and many more.

This has made cloud computing a very easy way to solve big business and technology problems.

When it comes to cloud computing, it’s been around for a while. It’s only in the last decade that cloud computing has been fully developed and used to its full potential.

Human-like robots

The field of robotics has been shaken up by the introduction of robots that look and act like people. These robots can do things like walk, sit, and even do things like play badminton. Sophia, a robot that looks like a human, is the most recent development in this field. Sophia is said to be able to think like a human.

Social Networking

There are a lot of ways that social networking has changed how we interact with people. It has been easier for us to express ourselves and interact with other people through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. These sites have also helped us build our web presence and make money. Businesses can also use social networking sites to reach more people at the same time, so they can reach more people at once. In this list, we can’t say that we’ve seen everything that the decade had to offer us in terms of technology. Even if we start listing things, by the time we get to the end, there will be something else out there and the list will keep going. This is the only way to keep up with things and look for things that will surprise us.

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