Norton 360 Advanced protects you online and insures you against identity theft

Norton has brought its internet security and identity protection expertise to a brand-new product – the new Norton 360 Advanced which protects customers against the modern threats like identity theft and scams.

In fact, Norton is even including with Norton 360 Advanced identity theft insurance up to $58,000 for losses and expenses associated with identity theft.

According to the Australian Institute of criminology and ACCC Scamwatch being a victim of cybercrime is more common than robbery, motor vehicle theft and break ins with one in four Australians affected.

Identity theft occurs when an individual’s personally identifiable information (PII) Is obtained, often without their knowledge, and used to make unauthorised credit card purchases, take over existing financial accounts and even create new financial accounts and loans.

And unfortunately, most have no idea where to start to recoup the funds from fraudulent transactions which could have a negative effect on their credit score.

Norton’s research revealed 59 per cent of Australians would not know what to do if their identity was stolen with 35 per cent believing their identity will probably be stolen in the future.

“Shopping, sharing on social media and data breaches could expose your personal information and unfortunately lead to identity theft, with far-reaching repercussions such as lost funds, with loans or credit taken out in your name,” says Mark Gorrie, APAC Director at NortonLifeLock.

“We understand this can be scary and people may not know where to turn.

“As part of Norton 360 Advanced, we’re pleased to offer Australians access to our in-house identity expertise plus up to A$58,000 identity theft insurance to help should the unexpected happen.”

The identity theft insurance offers coverage up to $25,000 in legal expense reimbursement and up to $3000 for lost income.

it also covers up to $25,000 “obligation to pay” cover for unauthorised bank, credit and loans and accounts in your name that were made without your authorization and $5000 for miscellaneous expenses.

Norton will also guide you through the process of resolving your identity theft issues via award-winning identity restoration specialists who are on call seven days a week.

This helps customers when dealing with third parties, credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agencies and government agencies while they are piecing their identity back together again.

Another feature of Norton 360 Advanced is Social Media Monitoring which can keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and notify you if there is any suspicious activity linked to your account.

On top of that, potentially risky links in your account feed and on YouTube are flagged by Norton 360 Advanced to help prevent malware along with alerting you of potential scams and phishing attempts.

A signature feature of the Norton 360 Advanced is dark web monitoring which keeps an eye on the dark web where personal information is bought and sold.

Norton’s dark web monitoring goes deeper into the usually accessible sites and marketplaces and scans private forums, social webs and then lets you know if your information is seen.

Norton 360 Advanced also includes several additional features including a secure VPN, a password manager, parental controls and up to 200GB of cloud backup.

Norton 360 Advanced is priced at $257 and offers protection for up to 5 PCs, Max, smartphones or tablets for one year and includes the Identity theft Insurance for up to $58,000.

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