New Trend – Online Casinos as Social Networks

Social networking has expanded to aspects of everyday lifestyles. You rely on it for daily communication, learning new things, and finding businesses/products that perfectly fit your needs.

Using social networking sites can embellish your interests. This can even include your interest in online casinos.

Online casinos have kept up with modern times through social networking, utilising social media to promote and market their games. This attracts new and amateur players. It also entices the older players to keep coming back for more. These players can take advantage of this social networking by finding game information, like-minded people, and new acquaintances.

Social Networking as a Safety Net

With the strict laws and regulations regarding casinos in Norway, it might be challenging to find online casino games that allow Norwegians to play. This is where social networks can significantly benefit you. Facebook, the most popular social site in Norway, has countless casino pages supporting the gambling community.

The number of casino accounts can be overwhelming. You can always start with online casinos that are reviewed by Norwegian experts, such as Nina Olsendburg. One of her reviews covers Royal Panda Casino. This particular casino is available for Norwegian players and has many casino bonus norge.

Being able to access/use social networks like Facebook provides a safety net for casino-lovers in Norway. Interacting with other people on casino social networks will lead to advice and suggestions regarding various aspects of online casinos.

For example, you can find information about a casino’s availability for your country. You could also learn about which games give the best bonuses or how often jackpots are won. More importantly, connecting with other casino-loving Norwegians can save a lot of time when trying to find online casinos with supported payment options.

When finding social networking sites or groups related to online casinos, it is best to look for verified pages. These pages will give you accurate information regarding the casinos and will help you avoid any scams.

Casino Games on Social Media

Some social media apps have their casino games embedded on their site. In most cases, these games do not operate on real money. In other words, you will not win any real money. There may be extra features to the game that require a purchase, though.

Another plus to these games is being able to play with friends. Whether it’s blackjack, poker, or slots, you can invite your friends to play against you. In the cases where you aren’t playing against your friends, most games let you compare scores.

These games are incredible imitations of real casino games. They’re satisfactory alternatives to online casinos, as they allow you to practise your skills without losing a penny. Playing these casino games doesn’t apply when considering Norway’s gambling laws, so any sort of lawful repercussion is eliminated.

Online Casinos Linked to Social Media

Casino pages on social media (whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will have links to the online casinos. Links not only help when debating if the casino is legit or not, but they also allow for easy access. These casinos will be the ones that operate on real money.

The casino pages also have the same kind of social networking features as the casino games on social media platforms. This includes being able to interact with people who have experience with online casinos. The pages will also advertise bonuses, promotions, and other deals.

Using Your Social Media Account

Some online casinos allow you to log in using your social networking credentials. This is useful when you search for your go-to casino or don’t want a long list of passwords to remember. It’s also helpful because you can change your location on most social media sites. Doing this can allow you access online casinos that are otherwise off-limits to Norwegians.

Weighing the Odds

There are many pros to using casinos as a social network. You can find information, meet other casino-lovers, and get advice. These things can lead you to an extensive range of casino games you prefer, whether they involve real money or not. Following your favorite casinos will give you recent updates about bonuses and promotions.

On the flip-side, relying on social networks to find good online casinos can be risky. Checking for verification or approval from host sites can alleviate the risk.

When you link your social networking accounts to online casinos, you allow the casinos to have access to your profiles. This may not be a big deal, but it’s something to keep in mind.


Online casinos as social networks are one of the newer trends this year. If you’re looking for some like-minded people and easy ways to keep up with bonuses, this might be the right trend for you.

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