What Industries Use IoT Technology?

The solutions that the Internet of Things technology can produce are becoming an important part of most of the big industries in the world.  Some industries are really adapting and taking advantage of this technology to improve.

Some of the main ways that IoT software solutions are changing certain industries are highlighted below.

Improvements in Trucking and Transportation

One of the ways that this technology is improving this industry is letting customers track their orders through their mobile phone via GPS.  No more guessing where your order is and not sure when it is going to arrive.  Changes like this are almost expected nowadays because of how advanced everyone is.

Another way that the Internet of Things is helping the transportation sector is that businesses can always track the temperature of the back of the truck to make sure it is not too hot or cold.

Changing the Retail Industry

IoT solutions are part of the reason why the retail industry has moved from brick and mortar to a more eCommerce environment.  Now, most consumers do not even like to do physical shopping because it is so much more of a hassle to go to a store.

Also, the digital landscape of shopping is making businesses use IoT technology to reach out to customers to let them know what kind of deals are available.  Retailers really are seeing an excellent return on investment from the follow up with deals that the customer would like based on past purchases.


20 years ago, you actually had to go to the bank to get anything done.  Depositing money was time-consuming because you actually had to drive to the bank and speak with a teller.

Now with connecting to the Internet, the banking industry for the bank institutions and consumers is much more of seamless interaction.  Now, mobile banking has given people the chance to take care of these tasks in seconds.

It will be interesting to see what else is going to happen in finance and see if any other things will innovate.


The rise of smart homes is the newest innovation in the housing market that involves IoT technology, and it is improving drastically year over year.

Things such as smart locks and voice-activated controls to the Internet is changing the game for people and making our homes way more sophisticated.  Also, home security is really improving to the point where it is getting safer and safer because of these technological advancements.

The ways that many of the industries in the world are improving with IoT technology is impressive and will probably continue to improve as we progress and grow our knowledge and capabilities.


The use of IoT is used in the energy space for a variety of reasons, and it saves time, money, and energy in lots of ways.  It is used for gathering resources in an effective way and delivering it to consumers in a better and more cost-effective way.

The future of these industries will continue to be affected and improved upon by IoT technology.

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