IGT Slots: Review of the Best Consumer-Service Technology 2020

IGT has grown to become one of the leaders in gaming technology, both online and on land. Over the past few years, they have expanded their operations to include lottery services and sports betting.

They have also led the innovation and introduced new technology into existing areas such as slot machines. By incorporating both online and land games, they have improved the markets of both.

IGT Slots can easily merge online gaming with land-based machines as with the game Wheel of Fortune. The online version can be played on PCs with no download needed. It has a progressive jackpot and the ability to offer real money prizes. The land-based machines have large, colorful screens and the player’s ability to interact with the game using hand gestures which is a perfect reference to the most popular American TV-show of the same name. In November of 2019, the Wheel of Fortune game paid out a fantastic four $1-million plus jackpots totaling $5.4 million.

IGT Advantage: The review of innovations in iGaming

IGT has been continuing the trend of improving and innovating games with the introduction of ergonomic seating, 4K graphics, and USB charging ports. All of this is part of the IGT Advantage casino management system.

Wheel of Fortune 4D version in Las Vegas

The Advantage is an electronic system that was designed for the slot floor. The Advantage system has been continually improved over the years to include club logins, cash access, and funding of slot play through electronic payments. Some of these new features include:

  • Cardless Connect – a way for players to activate carded play using their smartphone near the card reader.
  • Resort Wallet – an electronic wallet that can be used to withdraw and deposit funds for gaming activity.
  • M5 – this tool enables casinos to send marketing such as deals and offers directly to player’s phones.
  • Intelligent Bonusing – just like retail businesses, casino players usually have set habits or slots that they like to play. Intelligent bonusing allows information such as playtime, demographics, and other data to personalize a player’s bonuses. It means a player is more likely to use the bonus, as it will relate to something they like.
  • Real-Time Services – this service enables players to do things such as order drinks, book tables for dinner, and access other services without leaving the slot machine.

Advantage Casino Management System has been so revolutionary, that it enabled IGT to win the Best Consumer-Service Technology Category from Global Gaming Business Magazine in 2019.

“The complete IGT ADVANTAGE product ecosystem elevates our customers to the forefront of advanced technology and player convenience, and we’re proud to be recognized for our solution’s unique capabilities,” said Nick Khin, IGT Chief Commercial Officer, Gaming for PRNewswire

There is no doubt that Advantage has revolutionized land-based casinos and their ability to attract players. It has also greatly improved the performance of the machines.

Best Consumer-Service Technology by IGT

IGT has been working for a long time on the Advantage system, which has had a long and impressive history. It is based on the famous Acres Advantage system created by John Acres. When IGT bought Acres Gaming in 2003, it enhanced and developed the software and brought it up to the 21st century with impressive new features.

  • Marketing. Advantage uses a system called M5 to enhance the marketing capability of casinos. As well as sending marketing directly to the player’s devices, it can also send deals and offers to entice them to return.
  • Slot Management. Casino operators want their machines to operate efficiently so that they can play more games and generate more income for the casino. The slot management system is designed to give operators more control over the slots and keep them working effectively.
  • Table Management. Along with managing the slots, other areas can be managed, such as the gambling tables. These also have their own set of tools that can help casinos see how each game is working.
  • Mobile. Having access to a mobile application allows casinos to interact with players and will enable players to order drinks and book reservations without leaving their slots.
  • Analytics. Part of being able to run an efficient casino is to see detailed data about how the machines and tables are working. The Advantage system helps operators see data broken down for ease of understanding.
  • Hardware. The central part of the system is the machines that the players interact with. These are designed to give the best player experience while allowing operators to interact with the machines to check that they are working effectively.

All of this technology together means a better playing experience, more control and management of the slots.

IGT Player-Driven Performance

Gaming software companies are always looking at new ways to entertain their players. As technology improves, this has become easier to do but also means there needs to be more creative to keep slots fresh and exciting. One way that this can be achieved is by using player-driven performance. It allows the players to create and share their content within the game.

Player-driven content is something that might not seem compatible with slots. However, there is scope to allow players to be more creative. For example, for the game Kitty Glitter, players could design their symbols or add a picture of their cat to the one available in the game.

Another game that lends itself to player-driven creativity is Balloonies. This game features cartoon balloons that change into fun animals. The player could design these balloons, and they could even choose which animal it transforms into.

Player-driven performance could have a big impact on the online slot games sector. By allowing players to add their unique designs to the slots, they will form a connection that will improve loyalty to the brand and the game. If these player-designed characters could go with them into each game they played, then this would also add another dimension to these games.

Online vs. Land-Based IGT Slots

With technology always improving, it was only a matter of time before slot machines migrated online. They are now incredibly popular among many players, but some things they lack that the land-based machines can still deliver. However, what are the benefits of one over the other, and can they both co-exist?

Land-based slot machines have evolved hugely over the years, making them more reliable and keeping players visiting casinos. Changes to the machine games themselves and other factors, such as the comfort of the player, were also considered. On most new machines now, you will see ergonomically designed seats and USB chargers for convenience.

Online Games Land-Based Games
They are incredibly convenient for players. They can play whenever and wherever they wish, and the slots are available 24/7 Innovations in land-based casinos are more tangible and exciting for the customer.
They will often have a higher Return to Player (RTP) compared to land-based casinos. Part of this is because online casinos have fewer overheads and so can offer larger payouts The atmosphere they can create. The sights and sounds of the casino can be mesmerizing and can’t be replicated by online games.
They offer a wider choice of games because they are not concerned about fitting the machines into a building. It gives the players a much wider selection and gives them time to research the best game and best bonus offers They have an excellent social aspect to them. It can be a lot of fun for a group of friends to visit a casino and play the slots together.


It can be difficult to become immersed in the game the way casinos want you to be. If players have lots of outside noise or other things to do, it can concentrate on playing the game Online games can have thousands of players all playing the same game. While, land-based casinos have limited space, so you might not be able to play your favorite game when you get there.
Online legal market is harder to control. Playing online is more risky because of fraudulent and hack activities. Convenience. The fact that you need to travel to play can make it more of a special occasion than everyday fun.


There are imposing pros and cons for both types of slots, the choice, in the end, revolves around what the individual players prefer.

About IGT

IGT was founded in 1990 and was formerly known as GTECH. The multinational company produced slot machines and games. In 2015, GTECH acquired International Game Technology (IGT) for $6.4 billion, and the name GTECH was soon dropped in favor of IGT.

The company has won many awards over the years; including the 2016 awards include the Best User Experience in Mobile award at the International Gaming Awards in London and the Global Technology Solutions Award.

They are always continuing to push the technology involved in their land-based machines and online games to create a better player experience.

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