How To Stop Betting Behaviour

Betting behaviour can be explained as a situation where an individual is unable to restrict his impulsive nature to gamble. It leads to serious addiction and might lead to bankruptcy and negative social consequences. 

Controlling problem gambling tendency is not easy because it requires a calm and time-based approach for a full recovery. Many schemes and application software are available for the customers to help them recover their addiction. Choosing the correct one is important and abiding by it is essential. 

Some ideas might help gamblers to understand and control gambling for their personal benefit: 

  • Planning ahead of time: Gamblers should always plan ahead of the event. Having fixed budgets to a time span helps in controlling gambling behaviour.
  • Gambling is a form of relaxation: Gambling should be treated like any other game and form of relaxation. Stressing over it tends to have negative effects on a person’s thought process. Wins and losses are a part of the game and must be dealt with maturely. 
  • Having other activities: Gambling should not be the only form of relaxation in one’s life. It pushes people to gamble more and more due to ample time and nothing else to think or do.
  • Finding ways to cope with stress: Stress is one factor that determines emotional imbalance. Having healthy ways to release stress is very important in order to avoid temptation towards gambling. 
  • Gambling has both wins and losses: One should learn to accept losses in gambling too. Otherwise, overspending is bound to happen which leads to problem gambling, and one lands in huge debts, 

Register At Gamstop

Gamstop is an initiative taken by the UKGC to ensure that all UK licensed casinos operate under this scheme which provides self-exclusion for the problem gamblers. It helps in improving betting behaviour via a chosen time period for exclusion which can be 6 months, a year, or 5 years. During that time, a punter is denied access to any operator except gambling sites inside the CasinoGap article and blocks gambling advertisements and promotions as well. 

Gamstop has been a great success for a number of years now and helps in overcoming personal issues regarding gambling. UK punters must definitely consider Gamstop as a viable option to overcome their gambling tendencies. Addiction indicates the failure to bond as it restricts them to devote time to anything or anybody else. Self-help, counselling sessions, or therapy are good way outs of negative betting behaviour. All of it takes time. 

Other Public Forums and Awareness Campaigns

Other forums such as Gamban and Gamcare offer great counselling and support teams aiding gamblers dealing with gambling addictions. Additionally, public awareness campaigns such as “Safer Gambling Week of the UK”, “Gambling with Lives” and “Big Step” are very effective measures to keep a check on addictive gambling and compulsive betting.

In fact leading football clubs in the UK such as Derby County, Sunderland AFC, Middlesbrough, etc have been treading the extra mile in removing gambling logos and marketing material from jerseys, sports gears and merchandise. They have been mindful in placing gambling Ads on social media promotions, marketing videos and other online campaigns in order to spread awareness amongst the youngsters. 

Use Gambling Blockers

Gambling addiction is a common problem among punters. There are many initiatives that have been taken to help the ones affected by it. Gambling blockers prevent access to gaming and allow a gambler to set his own restrictions as per his choice. These blockers are in the form of software or applications that are downloadable on devices. 

    • Gamban is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. It is a user-friendly application that follows a simple registration process. It blocks gambling-related content in order to protect a player from gambling. 
    • Gamblock blocks all access to online gambling and has been helping problem gamblers since 2000. It is available for all problem gamblers and upgrades itself to the latest website lists. It is a very good platform for self-exclusion.
  • BetFilter is also an application available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, it blocks access to any gambling-related servers, sites, or applications and is free of charge. It has earned a lot of reputation since 2008 and is effective in helping problem gamblers. 


Using these applications doesn’t fully guarantee to cure anyone of obsessive gambling. It can produce results only if the punter is determined and focused. Along these, one must also open up to their friends and families as well. Gambling is a fun hobby and helps to win big. But sensible gambling is necessary and one must afford to lose as well as a win at the same time without affecting his life. 

Willpower is essential in order to eliminate problem gambling. There are multiple modes to help a person only if he is eager for it. Also, not everybody would have the same amount of progress, it would depend on a person’s mental health and ability. 


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