Casinos and Robots: Is it a Match Made in Casino Heaven?

Ever since the announcement of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, there was a lot of buzz around the introduction of robots that were supposed to welcome the guests at the event, but due to the pandemic, the whole thing got shut down.

Not only the Olympics, but the workspace was also mentioned as the sphere where robotics could easily become integrated, possibly replacing our fellow coworkers.

There’s a glimpse of robotics taking over the workforce, with them being present in many of today’s factories and warehouses. According to research done on the usefulness of robots in the workspace, there’s an estimate of a whopping 20M jobs to be replaced by robots by 2030.

Although the gambling industry seems spared the robotic domination, there’s a new trend on the horizon, and robot-operated casinos might become a thing sooner than you think.

Does a Robot-Operated Casino Sound Strange?

Well, we’ve only seen robots going about their everyday “lives” in sci-fi movies, but a robot-operated casino sure does raise a few eyebrows with us.

Like it or not, robotics are becoming more in trend in the fast-paced world of gambling, and there are hi-tech robots filling the spots on casino tables, waiting for their next player.

Plus, the big sharks of the casino world are considering the thought of “employing” bots to do the work of croupiers and dealers, so, maybe it won’t be long before your next blackjack game is played against R2D5 at your favourite land-based casino.

Even though the notion of robots replacing casino live dealers might sound far-fetched, there isn’t any doubt that the future of casinos will be robotized. This is mainly due to the fact that casino owners are looking for more ways to cut their losses, and they might consider bots as a more cost-efficient “employee”.

Well, if all of this might sound too utopian for you, you can still play your favourite casino slot the old-fashioned way, and maybe snatch a free spins offer along the way.  Many casinos offer free spins as a part of their bonus offer, so you can click to see the full list and compare free spins offers, and choose one that fits your preferences.

How Will Robots Fit in a Casino?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the gambling industry is becoming more and more interested in reaping the benefits of using high-end technology, enabling casino owners to maximize their earnings but cutting unnecessary corners of the business.

One of the things that robotics can make happen in casinos is to monitor drinks. Since most high-rollers visit a land-based casino with their own posey, the casino usually sends them a token of appreciation by offering them free drinks. So, having a bot analyze the crowd and scan for those that are eligible for free drinks can contribute to a higher rate of client satisfaction.

Other than scanning the crowd, having a robot in the casino can come in quite handy for bartending purposes. There have been many cases of casino waiters actually waiting at the bar for so long for the bartender to fill their order.

Even though waiting for a few minutes for the orders to be filled isn’t something that’ll flop the casino business, still, seeing a queue of waiters at the bar won’t sit well with the guests or the managers.

If you’re a frequent casino goer, then you’ve noticed the pit boss is always on foot, circling the tables like a shark, scanning the crowd. The pit boss is supposed to pin-point the table game comps. A number of stats are taken into consideration for making a list of a selected player’s average bet amounts, like the game speed, and the house edge – all of which go in favour of determining the awarded comps.

So, instead of having the pit boss pen in the details by hand, a robot can take on the pesky task and provide computerized, accurate data.

Are We All Ready for Robots to Greet Us at the Casino?

Are we, really? Are we prepared to have machines be part of the gambling experience, and, is it a bad thing, after all?

Well, the gambling industry has been on the threshold of technology for a long time, and many casinos opted for doing business old-school. But such methods won’t bring them new players, since the world is catching up with technology, fast.

The question is, are we ready for robotics? – Yes, we are!

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