Has your car been damaged in hit and run car park accident? You need a dash cam

Has someone ever hit your car in a car park? Or have you hit another car? Research from dash cam brand Nextbase revealed 21 per cent of Australian drivers have hit a parked car.

Car parks are known to be where most incidents occur according to the study and 35–44-year-olds are the worst offenders with 30 per cent admitting to hitting a parked car.

The Nextbase dash cams have a parking mode that switches into high sensitivity mode when your car is parked with any knocks or jolts triggering a recording to capture footage of a hit and run offender.

More than one in three drivers, according to the research, admit to hitting another car with their door (38 per cent) with male drivers more likely than females to be the culprits.

But 17 per cent have also experienced what it’s like to be on the other side and have had their cars hit in car parks.

And 28 per cent of Australians have also had their car broken into – something a dash cam can also capture.

The Greater Sydney area had the lowest response to this crime – only 19 per cent have reported a car break-in.

Having a dash cam recording in their car would make 67 per cent of Australians more comfortable with almost half of Australian drivers (45 per cent) believing dash cams should be compulsory.

The study also showed that Australians would be encouraged to purchase a dash cam if it means getting a discount on their car insurance.

“It’s incredible the number of accidents that happen in car parks,” says Nextbase’s Head of Territory for Australia & New Zealand, Ben Sinica.

“The parking mode in Nextbase Dash Cams has recorded incredible accidents around the world.

“We rely so much on our vehicles; it is important we look after them and are respectful of other vehicles on the road.

“A Dash Cam is a great way to help protect yourself and record what you see on the road.”
Nextbase Dash Cams are available from leading retailers including Repco, The Good Guys, Officeworks, Bing Lee, Ted’s Cameras and Camera House.

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