How “commuter commerce” is driving sales growth from mobile devices

If you like to make purchases online using mobile devices like smartphone and tablets, you are certainly not alone with new data from Juniper Research predicting a huge surge in sales.

Annual purchases made with smartphones, tablets, desktops and other connected devices will reach more than $125 billion by 2018 – an increase of 60 per cent on this year’s total.

According to Juniper Research, the growth will be driven by “commuter commerce” or on-the-go purchases thanks to greater connectivity for people using public transport.

Now it’s not uncommon for people to have the confidence to make a purchase right from their smartphones when they have a spare moment on a bus or a train or just when they’re on the move.

And in a country like Australia, where we have higher smartphone penetration than the US and the UK, there are plenty of customers who will be using these devices to purchase everything from a song to a house using their device.

Digital transaction volumes would also increase sharply as more customers move away from traditional physical media like DVDs and CDs and take up streamed subscription services.




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