Get a high speed internet connection in your apartment with Freedom Internet

Apartment living has its perks but having fast broadband is often not one of them. But Freedom Internet can be the solution to the problem by offering a high-speed connection to all apartment residents.

Whether it’s a development or an existing building, Freedom Internet can take advantage of the local infrastructure like fibre or the NBN and bring it to your building at no cost.

Using this high-speed connection, Freedom Internet creates a community based wi-fi system that can be accessed by the residents.

Once connected, Freedom Internet becomes the building’s internet service provider and residents can choose their plan and be connected in minutes.

Freedom Internet’s services include the installation of any infrastructure including switching and cabling as well as a wall-mounted router in each apartment.

The company has become the leading provider of wi-fi networks to more than 400 hotels and apartment buildings in Australia.

At the current rate of connection, Freedom Internet is connecting one new building every day.

There are zero installation costs for Freedom Internet in a building. This installation includes site planning and testing to ensure consistent coverage.

And when the installation is complete, there is a profit share with the body corporate receiving 20 per cent from all plans purchased by the residents.

Customers also have access to 24/7 support and can get connected with no lock in contracts and no hidden fees.

Plans go up to $69.95 a month for unlimited data.

And the fast wi-fi coverage is not limited to a customer’s apartment. They will also be able to connect by the pool or any communal area in that complex.

Residents who want to get connected should contact their building manager to make the approach to Freedom Internet.

Alternatively, developers and builders can also contact Freedom Internet NSW distributors Cleaver Strata Consulting on 1300 611 312 or


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