Get Episode 298 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast in your ears today

Ladies and Gentlemen lens me your ears for Episode 298 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast hosted by editor Stephen Fenech so you can stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news and reviews.

On this week’s show, why we might be using Uber as the model for the mobile plans of the future, LG unveils its new G7 smartphone and why it will become easier to catch drivers using their phones illegally behind the wheel.

In the Tech Guide reviews, we take a look at the Uniden iGo Cam 80 dash cam, we take a drive in the Volvo XC40 and tell you how you can take on your friends in a lightsaber duel with Jedi Challenges.

In the Tech Guide Help Desk, would talk about what 75-inch TV you can buy for less than $3000 and how you can protect yourself from credit card skimmers.

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