Sony releases teaser video for PlayStation 4

Sony has released a teaser video for the new PlayStation 4 ahead of its unveiling which is expected to take place on June 10 in Los Angeles.

The 39-second video shows flashes of close-ups of the product which has been the subject of much speculation since the original announcement in February.

At that event there was a lot of talk about the PlayStation 4 and its capabilities but we didn’t actually get to see it.

That’s all going to change on June 10 (June 11 at 11am in Australia) when it is likely Sony will reveal the actual PlayStation 4 console. You can register to watch it live here.

From the video we saw short glimpses of corners and vents and buttons but not the whole product.

The announcement will take place on the eve of E3 – the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles which is the world’s largest computer gaming trade show and event of the year.

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